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  1.  In One Word - WOW


    I bought this today after reading all of the amazig reviews on PLAY.COM and oh my.....My legs are like jelly, I am really finding it hard to walk!!! It really does give you a run for your money.

    The fact that I used it for half an hour and sweated like no ones business and my legs are like jelly, tells me that this is one serious game! I look forward to using this every night and can't see myself getting bored of this anytime soon.

  2.  Love it!


    I enjoy Disney Films as they hold high expectations and this one definatly didn't dissapoint! It was funny from the word go. The pigeons are classics, the Hamster is hilarious and Bolt himself is an adorable little dog! Film for all ages.

  3.  Such a lovely film


    I saw this film in the cinema on release and it had me laughing and crying, and even all at the same time at one point! Really is funny and every dog owner can relate! Be warned tho, no matter if your male or female, young or older, you will feel sad at the end!

  4.  Belly Laughing at it's best


    I love Alan Carr and this DVD is too funny! Whenever I am moody I pop this on for an instant pick me up!!

  5.  Hillarious!


    I could watch this film again and again! Everytime it is funny and never gets old! Some great one liners in this to make you roar. A must see at least once!

  6.  Boring and pointless


    I went to watch this film in the cinema and I tried my hardest to keep an open mind and try to enjoy it but it really was a poor pointless film. Brad Pitt is quite comical in it maybe once or twice but the rest of the acting is terrible and you loose the moral of the story before the end as your so bored!

  7.  Very Funny


    Really enjoyed watching this movie, was very light hearted and comical from start to finish. Would advise this to be watched.

  8.  Fantastic Action!


    One of the best action movies I have seen for a while. Really keeps you on the edge of your seat, not knowing what will happen next. Truly is an entertaining film and I suggest you watch it at least once!

  9.  Great book


    I read this book and really enjoyed it! Alan doesn't tell you the dangers of smoking like everywhere else does, he just basically tells you the truth about what we know anyways with a few added extras!

    I gave up smoking 7 weeks ago and this book has certainly helped me in staying smoke free!

  10.  So So Funny!


    I love Green Wing!! It really has a dry sort of humour and witt and really is comical. The main characters are hilarious, I love Susan the scottish lady. She was completly crazy but so funny with it!! I could watch this all day and never get bored.