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  1.  Glad I bought it!


    I never managed to catch this series when it was on the telly. And unfortunately the BBC seemed to not promote it very well!
    I missed out on a gem of Scottish comedy! It is nice and fresh new comedy and pulls away from the Scottish comedy pub culture. Although there are a few visits to pubs it is not a huge part!
    Greg McHugh's accent as Gary is fantastic and really gets into the character!
    Most enjoyable belly laughs which I will watch time and time again!
    I cannot wait till Series 2!

  2.  Great Machine but the Extras are a bit Half baked!


    I got this player on a fantastic deal here on Play.com with the 6 free discs, so I cannot really complain from its point of view of being a BluRay player. Picture is stunning on my 40 inch Sony.
    However, thats where it ends. The Internet@TV option is really a half baked waste of time! The only videos you can get are on YouTube, but the search option is fidgety and annoying! BBC iPlayer is 'coming soon', LoveFilm is 'coming soon' , Muza.tv is yes you guessed it 'coming soon'.
    There is an Internet+ option, which I have no idea what it is, as when you press it it eventually takes you back to the main screen.
    On contacting Samsung 'Customer Services' they could give me no indication as to what it does and when the iPlayer option will be added so I dont hold out much hope.
    So if you are looking for online content then this not the player for you, try looking at the Sony's. however if you are looking for a reliable slick looking player then this could be the player for you.

  3.  Fantastic Piece of Kit


    I bought this program from Play.com at an amazing price! It does what even more expensive packages would do plus a lot more! I just love it! It had advanced mode, incase you want to be really arty. And simple mode if you don't have the time or know how. If you are doing any sort of video and DVD editing and authoring this fantastic piece of software is the one for you. Installs easily enough and has many different options.
    The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is the constant upgrade options that you can purchase but overall I do not have much use for them and they could be handy add ons, but why offer a full picnic then tell us we cant get the fillings for our sandwiches without paying more! Then again at under 35 quid I cannot really complain!

  4.  Fantastic Piece of writing and directing


    This film is somewhat amazing in the way that the characters are portrayed and the story is told.
    The twists and turns in the story make it very compelling viewing.
    The acting is genuine and they could not have done a better job in the casting.
    If you enjoyed Sweet Sixteen, Shallow Grave and to that matter any other Scottish based thriller then you are in for a treat.
    I can now understand why this film got the awards that it well and truly deserved.
    This one will undoubtedly be staying in my collection to watch again and again!

  5.  Good chick flick


    Having watched New York minute for the first time, it is certainly not to be taken seriously and although quite a cheesy flick there is some excellent one liners and classic scenes.
    Eugene Levy as usual plays a fantastic part, the twins who play the sisters are phenominally funny.
    Well worth a watching if you need cheering up this is one to do that!

  6.  Phenomenal


    This CD/DVD set is well worth purchasing, whether you seen the live show or not.
    This is LIVE music and how it should be done and it explains why these guys are still touring today. What a fantastic show.
    I saw them in Glasgow the week before this was recorded at the O2.

  7. Legit



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     Scottish Brilliance


    Legit was a fantastic Scottish comedy with a brilliant look at the lives of Sammy and Danny, who run a stall at a local market.
    Sounds a bit like the Trotters? Nothing could be further from the truth, this unique blend of comedy and family quarrels had me and a few friends in tears of laughter.
    A few episodes were weaker than others but overall it was very enjoyable.
    Apparently there are no plans for a further series, which is a great shame as the characters fitted perfectly.
    We can only hope!

  8.  A very mixed laugh


    I first only caught the second half of this film on TV and had to buy a copy. The clever storyline's work well together and the film is split into FOUR ROOMS. Undoubtedly the mis-behavers part of the film is hysterically funny, and I can honestly say I have seen this film 10 times at least and it is still great.
    An all star cast and directors makes this film a work of art, and one that is very high up in my top ever movies.
    Tim Roth's brilliant portrayal of character 'Ted - The Bellboy' is the only character in every section of the movie!

  9.  Fantastic


    After a hard day at work dealing with problems there, this film was just the tonic to cheer me up! I laughed out loud within minutes of it starting and I didn't know what to expect next! Anna Faris plays a superb part as ever!
    Will keep this one for a while! Brilliant value for money!