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  1.  nostalgia, great series


    This adaptation of the Batman universe is spot-on! The show is from the '90's has all the traits of a true batman adaptation.

    The design is edgy and grimy, the coloring consists mainly of dark-tones. Someone told me that is called 'Dark Deco. The stories are equally 'disturbing' with murder, pillaging and vengeance on the top-3 list. The voice acting stands out because of the nice clear low voice of batman, done by Kevin Conroy. I had never heard of him before, but he nails it in this animated series.

    I remember seeing this series when i was a kid and it still looks awesome to this day.

    languages: English, French and Italian.
    Subs: English, French, Italian AND Dutch

  2.  Grand Mix


    Play it from start to finish for a funky night.

    I wanted this cd for the mix on disc 2 and I stand by it. The 'originals' on dics 1 seem plain. Like the original songs sound plain that '2 many dj's use on their albums.

  3.  classic


    This OVA belongs to my collection of classic anime. It was a great looking show and still holds now what it had back then: Good pacing, more action than romance, fighters that turn into robots, a bit of mystique and lets not forget a too-smart-for-humanity-computer.

    What the macross-venture excels in is its music score. This one is among the best of the venture and I look forward to it every time I pop de DVD in my DVD player.

  4.  buy one, get one for free


    This combo is a great buy for Pearl Jam fans as it includes two great albums for the price of one. Ten is a classic and VS adds to the fun.

    listened to VS online and was surprised by most of the songs. They are as good as the ones on Ten and faster paced. I love 'Dissident' and 'W.M.A' especially.

  5.  Explosivo


    This album has been on my wishlist for a long time. It is rocking from start to finish. A tribute to all rock-albums out there.

    The songs are good on their own and even a little too short at times. But all together you hear the band on their way from rockbottom to rockhheaven (puns intended).

    What Steel Panther lacks, The D have! oodles of it. And i shall call it 'sophistication.'

  6.  okay


    Dissident is great because of the brass and vocals.

    The rest of the album is good and not so good at times. Spirit of Bularia is good and makes me beg for more. Yuri and Dry your Eyes are on a different level and do not move me.

    Because of my high expectations, I am disappointed and can only muster a 'three star rating.'

  7.  still one of my favorites


    I bought this DVD at Play years ago and still watch it from time to time. It is and was a great movie that is also a good add on to the animated series.

    Spike and his partners in crime are in a pinch this time (again) as a test-subject gone bad wants to destroy a city. The movie has the same feel as the series and features all the gimmicks that made the series great. For instance the 'bounty hunter news' with the rodeo-presenters.

    long live anime!

  8.  Gomez Bring it on bigtime!


    Listened to it, loved it and will never leave it alone again. A friend recommended this artist a year ago. I looked up a couple of tracks and loved almost all their songs.

    A long time ago I heard 'Whippin' Piccadilly' and it stuck in my head ever since. This time around I love the track 'Make no sound.'

  9.  great compilation, but not the full length/extended tracks


    Fatboy, you ROCK! I love most of the tracks on this 'best of.'

    What I don't like is the length of the tracks. On other albums, the tracks are on average 1 mins longer.

  10.  bite harder!


    I sank my teeth into NIN a couple of years ago and I am not letting go. So many depressing lyrics that keep me tuned in and wanting more. And still i find the light at the end of the tunnel on every album (RIght where it belongs on this album).

    I love the way cacophony and harmony mix.