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  1.  Painful


    This is one of the worst films ever made, it's right up there with Showgirls and Catwoman. If you have half a brain, give it a miss.

  2.  Good price


    This is a really nice, thick, quality jumper and it fits my man well (he is a large and the large was fine on him).
    The only reason I have given 4 stars and not 5 is there were two defects near the polo neck - they looked like two little pulls, but I think they were a manufacturing defect.
    Otherwise it is a great, retro jumper. I got it for 11 quid and it's now 8!! I'd get one for next year if I were you, they are well worth the money. And it's French Connection!!

  3.  It's what you'd expect...


    It's a nice little set - not high quality but then it is under 3 quid. If you want a cute little Valentine gift, than you can't go far wrong with this. The key fits well into the hear and mine was painted well. No complaints.

  4.  Cheap (not in a good way)


    This was 4 pound 50p, but I don't think it's worth it, I would not have bought it in a pound shop. Not worth it.

  5.  Piece of tat


    I don't know what the other reviewer got, but it was not this (unless of course they are also the seller!).
    What rubbish. It is NOT 'fleece' fabric, but in fact stretchy FELT. It is BLACK not blue. It is SMALL - it barely covers the front of me. It is not particularly warm - unless you put a blanket over it!!
    Also, do not expect it to come in the box as shown on the photo - it comes in an unlabelled clear plastic bag - so not great as a gift either!
    It might only be 6 quid, but I wouldn't pay more than 2 quid for it!
    Imagine the cheapest tat you could get from the cheapest market and you'll be half way there.
    Do not bother wasting your money.

  6.  For 25 quid it's excellent value


    Nice coat, great vlaue at 25 quid (was 99).
    It is very light weight and seems like it wouldn't keep you very warm, but it does. Which is great because it's more comfortable than a big heavy coat.
    Two minor issues for me:
    1. The hood is too big and when it's up it slips over your face too much, which makes crossing the road dodgy!
    2. The pockets have no lining or padding and the fabric is thin and if you don't have gloves with you, the pockets will not keep your hands warm. So remember your gloves and you'll be happy.

    I'm glad I bought it and while it's on offer I'd recommend that you buy one.

  7.  Is that you Bender?! Bite my shiny metal.....


    I paid 14 quid for this and at a push (or for a big fan) it's worth it.
    It doesn't really look like Bender in my opinion, but it's still cute and those in the know may recognise him. He's great quality and quite large - around a foot long.
    My son is Futurama mad, so he'll like this anyway, but if you want one that looks like the character, I'd go for Nibbler.

  8.  A cuddly Nibblonian just like the real thing!


    He's very similar to the original character (unlike the Bender one) and he's a good size plush (about a foot long). Excellent quality. I got him for 15 quid on here which seems right to me, 25 quid is a bit steep in my opinion.
    Great for a fan of the show!

  9.  SING! : Panda Go Panda Go Panda!


    My children love the Ghibli films, although I have had to use some parental guidance with some like Princess Mononoke as they have been a little violent, or as with Grave of the Fireflies, very upsetting.
    However, this one is a 'U' and is ideal for any age.
    There's a surreal plot - a little girl home alone (for an unspecified time!) comes across a father and baby talking Panda and they adopt one another and go on little adventures.
    If you can get past the strange (but brilliant) plots and the fact that the little girl keeps doing a headstand that requires flashing her pants and having an accompanying weird sound effect, then you'll love it as much as the rest of the Ghibli films.
    This is compulsory for any fan and a good introduction to someone new to the animation, but if you keep an open mind and open heart, you'll never want to the films to stop.
    These films are unique and never boring, which is a rare thing!

  10.  Not as good as the original, but worth it for the retro look


    A really nice phone. It has the weight and feel of the original. The dial looks a little cheap, but even that's not too bad. Perfect for automated telephone calls as it's a push button, but I do miss the dial aspect of the original phones (which are not very practical these days).
    Great if you don't want your original 60's phone to get damaged, but still keep that authentic look.
    I'm very happy.