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  1.  Insipid


    The single player aspect of this game is without a doubt the least bit challenging. Playing the game on hard is a must... and even then it is far too easy. On no game, on the hardest difficulty should you be able to run up to someone who's shooting at you and stab them in the face. The story is alright, however lacks any real substance and relatively uninspired.

    Multiplayer- I'm not sure if this of true for everyone however the lag is absolutely abysmal. On countless occasions I have encountered getting killed 2/3 seconds after getting behind cover, and the lag reversing what my character was doing e.g. crouching or shooting a bolt action rifle 3 times in about the space of a second. Also having 8 maps total (for different game types) is a joke.

    Graphics- at times the game can look amazing, at others it looks grainy and poor.

    My advice, wait for black ops.

  2.  Rushed - poor, with few redeeming features


    Clunky controls, cheap deaths, poor dialogue, useless weapons, extremely short gameplay (under 4 hours), repetitive gameplay and poor graphics.

    Need I say more?

  3.  Could be so much more..


    Although the game has been given good reviews, I feel that I have wasted £40. Rather than comparing it to it's rival - COD4, I have found that in fact it's predecessor , BF2 for the PC was far better. I would have to admit that the graphics aren't as good and the lack of destructible environments is unfortunate, however it had far better online support -- and it has the facility in which you can... MUTE!. I would have thought EA would have learned from the mistakes of infinity ward when it first released COD4 -- such as muting and have better connectivity between gamers. However the fact that there are still lag issues after a month of being released, clearly shows that either EA don't give a rats about it's gamers, or they don't give a damn about the game once it has been released. After having problems with the orange box on the PS3 and now having these issues - I am compelled to avoid EA console games like the plague.