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  1.  Expensive for what it is.


    I mainly got this for the use of the board in various other titles, the wii fit game is ok if you've got some mates around fort eh ski-jumping etc, but it gets quite old quite quickly.

    I personally would have bought the board alone if i could. But even then i've yet to play a game that utilised the board that could keep me interested for more than an hour.

    On the whole, a bit disappointing.

  2.  Great


    Having now seen the film, a lot of the song choices for this album were a bit 'out there' and perhaps didn't really work, with the exception of 'the times they are a changing' which was wonderful. That being said, as a standalone album of great songs this is pretty great, i'm sure all fans of the film will love it.

  3.  The best comic ever written


    Watchmen is far and away the finest comic (sorry, graphic novel) ever written. From start to finish a literary masterpiece. If you've not read it already, then buy it and read it now!!

  4.  Excellent


    If you've not seen this and you like a bit of graphic action, then watch this its just fantastic. can't say much more about it than that.

  5.  A surprising film


    I really enjoyed this movie, ok, its not will smiths finest movie, but its by no means his worst., especially when you consider the situation, and the amount of dialogue he has to work with. And if you were expecting a typical smith feel good action/comedy then this is probably not the movie for you.

    The movie starts in a very 28 days later-esque deserted manhatten, where a virus has wiped out the vast majority of the population, and those that remain lurk in the shadows. Smith stars as robert neville, a doctor immune to the virus, who has taken it upon himself to find a cure using his own blood. Neville spends the daylight hours searching for others who are immune to the virus with his faithful dog sam, and his nights hiding away from what dwells in the darkness. I wont give any more away, but i think anyone who enjoys a jumpy thriller will enjoy this. And i'd say at its current price of a fiver you can't really go wrong.


  6.  Truly Amazing


    This is up there as one of those hidden gems of the last few years. The movie is visually stunning, and the storyline is a classic good vs evil struggle with the unlikeliest of heroes.
    The entire film is laced with wonderful accompanying stories, including the extremely touching relationship between hellboy and liz (genuinely one of the finest on screen couples you will ever see). There is laughter and tears, action and tragedy, hellboy has everything you could want from a film.

    Can't recommend highly enough!

  7.  Fantastic


    I absolutely adored the first Hellboy movie, it had absolutely everything, Comedy, Action, Romance and Drama, and i wasn't at all surprised when i first heard that there was to be a sequel.
    The problem with doing a sequel to an amazing movie is that you have to go that little bit further to achieve something new, whilst remaining true to the characters and remembering why people loved the original movie in the first place. And Hellboy II is an absolute prime example of exactly that! this movie is astonishing, Del Toro has done a fantastic job in the direction of this installment which carries on with the wonderful themes of the first film, the beautifully touching relationship between Red and Liz is like a modern day beauty and the beast, and Ron pearlman once again owns the screen with a fantastic portrayal of our anti hero. The inclusion of new characters adds numerous comical twists and the frequesnt one liners will keep you smiling throughout.

    The whole movie from start to finish is an absolute treat that is sure to keep everyone entertained

  8.  Outstanding Marine!!


    This game is simply stunning in almost every aspect, xbox and ps3 owners will tell you the graphics aren't as good (yawn) but at the end of the day who really cares?!

    The gameplay is outstanding, and the controls are far and away best use of the zapper yet for the wii. Its one of those games that you just wont be able to put down, once you complete the fantastic campaigns (24 fans your in for a treat) you will want to go back and do them again, and i've yet to meet anyone who hasn't gotten hooked on the truly fantastic wifi multiplayer.

    All in all this game is an absolute pleasure, and a must for fps fans on the wii. In my mind this is the first true fps on the wii and i guarantee you will be playing it for months after you've finished it.

  9.  A modern gem


    I spent months avoiding this film, purely on the basis that i generally find Colin Farrell a bit annoying and i've never really liked anything he's done. Eventually i was talked into watching this and i loved it, its a really enjoyable film, very witty and well paced, with a great cast (yes even Colin Farrell is good),

    I would highly recommend this to absolutely anyone (unless your offended by swearing as there is rather a lot), and if you buy it from Play its a mere Fiver which i'd say is a bit of a bargain.

    So, in summary, a great film which is definitely worth a couple of hours of your time.. And if you can't stand Colin Farrell like me, this will probably change your opinion to liking him when he's in a British made film, and only hating him in Hollywood Movies.

  10.  For the season 7 teaser alone!


    When i first sat down to watch this i was incredibly sceptical, i thought all they're doing is trying to make a series of 24 into a couple of hours, it'd be rushed and loathsome and i would end up not caring about season 7...how wrong i was!
    The story picks up a while after season 6, jack is on the run from the us government helping out in a school in the small african country of sangala, which is in the throws of a military uprising.

    When the local forces start brainwashing children to become soldiers jack is left with no choice but to step in the only way jack bauer knows how to. I wont spoil the whole storyline for you but for those of us who were longing for season 7 this is a great addition.

    If you've forgotten season 6 there is a quick recap, and best of all once you've watched redeption there is a 15 minute season 7 teaser which i guarantee will leave you screaming at your tv to keep going!

    I highly recommend this to any fans of 24 that are waiting for season 7, its great viewing.