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  1.  film is great


    i watched this film twice at cinema in 3d it really does feel like a old horror film classic has some very freaky moments and some funny worth buying

  2.  best dvd box set out there


    it took me about 4 months to watch it from start to finish and i enjoyed every episode it has a really good cast including my favourite's Bruce Campbell (evil dead) lance henriksen (aliens) jack black (school of rock) Lucy Lawless (Xena) Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) and of course David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson who are the main two cast members and are brilliant in every episode.

    The best season has got to be season 2 and the worst is probabily season 9 but to be honest i really enjoyed it all the way through

  3.  billy insane xD


    this is the best tales from the crypt movie had some good laughs and some good gore the acting is good and the plot is enjoyable with some reall nice effects

  4.  enjoyable


    i really enjoyed this film 1st time around had some spooky atmosphere scenes and some good acting with a twist that i really enjoyed but the 2nd time i watched this film i didnt enjoy it as much i think its definatly a 1 time watch only movie

  5.  5 star comedy


    2 of the biggest comedy legends really make this film the funniest film ever made i have seen it about 30 times and still laugh at every scene it is just pure brilliance well worth buying you wont be disapointed

  6.  best half of the 5th season


    the first half of this season have some of the best episodes out of all supernatural its a brillint start to the apocolyps well worth the money

  7.  special effects are amazin


    the effects in this film are amazing i never seen anything like it the story is also amazing and so is the acting its the best film in 2008 by along way has so many jaw dropping scenes and the action is unbeatable its a top film

  8.  pretty damn good


    its better than black water and lake placid id say its the best killer croc film out there with good effects and plot

  9.  not sure


    it wasnt a bad film but it wasnt all that good either had some good parts and some very bad parts and the end was aweful REC is a much better film so if you want to see a better version of the same film buy REC

  10.  did i miss the scary parts


    i went to cinema to watch this film beliveing it was a scary film but to be honest it was very low budget and very boring its ike the blair witch project stuck in a 2 bedroom house very slow to get going and when it was at its best it still wasnt very good