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  1.  could of been good but ultimately frustrating!!


    First of all let me say when I buy a game my main incentive for a purchase is for the game's main story not for the online side of it.So this is a review based around that fact.

    Anyway after many attempts to sit down and really try to enjoy this game I realised it cant be done!
    The most frustrating thing about Dead Rising 2 is how every little objective your presented with has a time limit which to me is a complete contradiction of the way the game is presented,here you have the bright lights and glamour of fortune city to explore with legions of the undead to slice,shoot and smash your way through but due to every mission having a set time limit your chances of doing this are few and far between.
    For example one of your objectives requires you to locate an item every 24 hours(game time) called zombrex which has to be administered to your young daughter every day to prevent her from turning into one of the walking dead!sounds simple enough right? wrong inbetween this tedious and repetitive challenge you have to also continue completing missions tied into the main story while also being tasked with equally tedious and repetitive rescue missions involving the ironically unfortunate citizens of fortune city all of which need to be completed to achieve the best possible ending and all of which again have time limits.I wouldnt mind so much if these missions where more varied and fun but 90% of the side missions is locate a survivor lead or carry them(depending on the circumstances) to your safehouse through hordes of zombies by running turning round to check they're are not being gang mauled by the undead, running, turning round, running, turning round and occassionly having to repel the undead to clear a safe path for the idiot survivor this gets really repetitive really quickly and the most frustrating thing is your collection of zombie slaying tools are all perishable so you find yourself having to constantly look for maintenance rooms and equipment so you can build "combo weapons" as the majority of weapons(including firearms) you find just lying round fortune city are crap.

    I'll stop there as writing this review is nearly as painful as playing this game. just to sum up every aspect of this title indicates you should be given as much time as you want to explore,build weapons and rescue survivors but unfortunately some idiot thought it would be a good idea to give you a set time limit to do all this in which essentially ruins a pretty decent game.

  2.  Buckin Brilliant!!


    Okay I admit I lost some faith in rockstar after being really dissapointed withGTA4 but this game suits its title as it has definetly redeemed rockstar in my eyes!

    Not without its faults Red dead redemption can at times be clunky gameplay wise an unnecessarily longwinded when it comes to some menial tasks but these little niggles aside RDR is nigh on perfect with an engrossing story and fantastic characters that are brought to life with some top notch voice acting.

    The landscape and its inhabitants truly give you a feel of the wild west.
    With so many distractions in the form of side missions and mini games(many of which involve gambling) its hard not to get sidetracked for hours on end but if you mange to resist these fun and addictive past times then you'll find a main story that really keeps you engrossed.
    The action is superb with some great gameplay and a healthy range of weaponry but maybe a little too easy(But if im being honest I think im just halfway through the story)
    I could go on for hours about every aspect of this stunning free roaming western but I'm already itching to get back on it!!

    All I can say is I hope rockstar plan to continue this series with the ambition to make it as prominent as GTA and along the way touch up some of the negatives while also adding some more of the well known features of the wicky wicky wild west!!!

  3.  Masterpiece


    Uncharted 2 is one of the only titles out now that gives you a taste of what the PS3 is capable of.

    Stunning visuals with the sharpest character detail I've ever seen and award winning voice acting are just some of the uncharted 2's fine points it is literally like playing an interactive movie.

    The gameplay is super smooth and highly enjoyable with some truly outstanding interactive action sequences along with an engrossing story you'll find it very difficult to fault Naughty Dogs MASTERPIECE.
    Buy it......NOW!!!

  4.  Not as good as Resident Evil 4


    Okay its the same as RE4 in principle which is good but unfortunately it fails to elaborate on its predescessor.Your looking at a shorter,easier and slighty more linear game than RE4.On the upside its visually impressive and now theres dowloadabl content available.All in all I cant recommend paying full price for this title but nonetheless its probably one of the best of its genre available on the ps3.