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  1.  not the glasses that are in the picture..


    they are actually really cheap looking glasses and not the pilot looking ones that are in the picture..

  2.  Just read and learn!


    This game is it! Finally a game that is a compromise for the hardcore and casual players. Online the guns have recoil and the hitboxes (places where you have to shoot to get a hitmarker) are finally downgraded from MW2 where they would often drag around the player. This game has gotten so many bad reviews from players who think they know what a good fps game is. In MW2 people would often camp and gain massive killstreaks just by getting another killstreak reward with another one! No, this is not ok! In black ops killstreaks don't count towards another killstreaks. Ok so the game needs skill to be played online. Sound world is now finally REALISTIC!! It's not this MW2 hollywood s**t! Finally explotions have a stiff and realistic bang. All underaged MW2 kids say that soundworld is awful. Well now it's realistic! This game is not meant for kids and is rated Mature for a reason. And at the end I have to say that ALL of the pro gamers say this is THE COD game just next to the original MW! So if you want laser rifles with 13 year old kids camping and raping people with nukes, go for MW2. If you want a game that reguires more skill than luck with realistic soundworld, go for black ops!

    Also, the campaign is SO much deeper than MW2 with all the twists and has a really amazing storyline. More movie/documentary like than any other. There are only 3 games to buy this year: Black Ops, AC Brotherhood and GT5!

  3.  Good movie, must see!


    The plot is not so original and this is a bit too religios film for me, but everything else is just pure awesomeness. The end is surprising and this one will keep you interested for the whole movie. If you like Fallout game series or Mad Max movies this one is a 6 star movie for you!!

  4.  Unlike any Other Title on sale!!


    This game is great fun and has lots of play time. Not perfect or pure awesomeness but totally a game to buy!