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  1.  Believe the hype!!


    Saw this at the cinema and it was awesome. Everything I hoped for from this movie and then some. Director Joss Whedon has done a fantastic job getting a story together which delivers equally for each of its heroes. The blu-ray release can not come soon enough but if you can see it in the cinema on the big screen......this movie was made to be enjoyed on a BIG screen.

  2.  What a Suprise!!!


    Ok so The Three Muskteers is one of my favourite stories, I am only 30 but the 1973 movie is an absolute classic (also available on blu-ray now). When I saw the trailer for this & the director (Anderson - Resident Evil franchise) I didn't hold out much hope! But when I watched it I thought it was great! Ok, the acting is not the best but it didn't need to be (the young lad playing D'Artagnan does get a little annoying). The story was a nice fresh twist to a classic & really enjoyable, the film is also visually stunning! Although it doesn't have the charm & star quality (York, Welch, Reed, Heston, Dunnaway etc) of the 1973 movie this is still a really good outing & am really hoping for a commisioned sequel.

  3.  Rocky with Robots!!!!


    Is it original? Not entirely! Is it a little predictable? At times. Is it great family fun with cool robot boxing fight scenes? HELL YEAH!
    Really enjoyed this movie and one for the afternoon/saturday evening family movie slots. Great fun with Jackman on top form again!

  4.  Promises so much delivers so little!


    Excellent premise for this movie. Money abolished and currency is time, once you hit 25 you have 1 year left to live unless you earn more time. Real promising start to the movie with Timberlake coming across especially strong but once the 'girl from Mamma-Mia in a dodgy wig' makes an appearance it gets horribly predictable & rather boring! Goes from interesting sci-fi thriller to futuristic Bonnie & Clyde adventure romp. Really dissapointed in this one but lots of promise for Timberlakes acting career.

  5.  Awesome Movie, Awesome Quality, Best of all Awesome PRICE!


    Up there with the Dark Knight for best comic book movie. This blu-ray is awesome, the picture clarity amazing and the sound blows you away. At the new low price you have to have this blu-ray in your collection!
    Bring on Iron Man 2!!

  6.  Best Show on TV....Most dissapointing blu-ray!!!


    Supernatural, best show on TV without a doubt and season 5 is again Awesome with season 6 already comissioned.
    Firstly I have the first 3 seasons on dvd and thought for season 4 I would go for the blu-ray! I was very dissapointed with the picture clarity. When the episode is set in the day the picture is awesome super high quality and what you expect for blu-ray, however the scenes at night (which is where most of the episode on Supes focus) is unbelievably grainy on the picture, so much so its quite distracting to whats going on in the episode. I am sadly thinking for Season 5 I may go back to the DVD set.