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  1.  Awesome Game!


    I will start by saying i love games with great graphics and HAVE played Final Fantasy games in the past.

    Right, to start with, if you're new to Final Fantasy you'll either love it or hate it, but don't be too quick to judge, i'd say you need to put in at-least 10-20 hours of game play before you really start to get into it. Initially, i wasn't sure about this game myself as you weren't able to explore the world as in previous Final Fantasy games & even magics, summons etc weren't available for a good while in. When i saw the game was split into chapters i thought it was going to be different (as in worse) and no where near as long or as big of a game as previous installments, but i was oh so wrong!

    I thought Final Fantasy VII was an awesome game, but the graphics let it down somewhat. Final Fantasy VIII onwards had better graphics, but the game play were not so good. Final Fantasy XIII basically has it all, and in full blown HD!

    The game is MASSIVE, the chapters get LONGER, they get HARDER and when you get to 1 of the later chapters you do get to explore far more! I am currently at the stage of having completed the game, and now going back to chapter 11 to complete after game missions which even after i have put in over 50 hours of game play are still very very hard! My characters are still not fully developed and i still don't have all magics and abilities. There are 1 or 2 creatures i have seen that i am still avoiding as i know i currently won't stand a chance!

    I am not going to go into specific details about any part of the game, but i do encourage anyone, whether a Final Fantasy supporter or not, to give this game a chance, as it is, as i said, AWESOME!

  2.  Interesting product. A little trouble lighting though . . .


    I bought 2 of these to try out as they weren't expensive and i had possible future plans with them in mind!

    There is no work or setting up involved, just light it and go! It filled up with air and started to look like a filled out hot air balloon before you knew it. It seemed to raise slowly to start with and then really take off. I didn't think it appeared windy, but when it got as high as our house height it suddenly shot off (wind i assume) and headed away from us. If you're expecting it to go straight up, as in most pictures you may have seen or as i did, then make sure it's a perfectly calm day or night. Also, I did have a little trouble lighting the fuel block (used about 6 or 7 matches i think), maybe use a lighter!

    Overall, a good product.