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  1.  I take my hat off to you....Cyberconnect2, its a great game!


    Firstly I will start off by saying that is game is a must for Naruto:Shippuden anime fans and for those who haven't heard of it, until now I would buy this game for the great fights. Also the ultimate jutsu for each of the 42 playable characters are unique and in-game so the battles are more free flow and move quicker.
    This plus point for me about this game is the massivlely up to date 42 playable character(s) roster for this game, and it follows the Japanese anime( not English dub) right up to the Pain/leaf destruction arc in Naruto:Shippuden.For thse who are thinking about getting this game, this does contain a massive spoiler(s) for those who watch the dub of the anime.
    Also the free battle has two options. "Team battle", where you can choose two support characters and combine with them to create a teamwork ultimate jutsu. Also "Single battle" to play 1 on 1 against the cpu. You also get "Online battles" and play people from arounf the world in team and single battles.
    I would recommend you buy this game as its great and th best Naruto game so far.

  2.  Well the PS3 slim is great!!


    I really love this console its practically like a home media system as it can play blu rays, dvds and cds and go online and browse the internet as well as buy and download exclusive content and demos from the PSN store and depending on which PS3 sim you have you get either 120GB or 250GB HDD which is alot of space to save games and other content like movies that were brought online. Also you get two PS3 games with them and both are really great and worth getting with this console as a package deal. Although you should read the reviews on this site of the two games provided in this bundle,so youcan decide to go for this or not.
    I would also say about the PS3 slim is one or two minors and that is mainly that it only has two USB ports on it maybe could have had at least one more!! Apart from this and other things this is a great buy as a PS3 slim

  3.  Bleach is a must see anime....


    Bleach starts off with a shinigami/death god/soul reaper named Rukia Kuchiki "patroling" a place called Karakura Town for Hollows (evil and ot tainted spirits). She then bumps into a 15 year old spirit seeing, high school student called Ichigo "Strawberry" Kurosaki while eliminating these Hollows. A series of dangerous and exciting events lead to Ichigo ganing the power of a shinigami/death god.
    He then eventually befriends three felllow high school students Orihime Inoue,Chad and Uryu Ishida who also have mysterious powers that not of a soul reaper. They aid him in protecting Karakura Town from the Hollows and later on life or death mission, which leads them to the Soul Society, a place and HQ for Soul reapers who protect the seritai, a place /region for spirits. They also meet a man called Urahara, who helps Ichigo along the way to gain power as a soul reaper during these 20 episodes.
    But yes I would recommend this anime for an anime fan who hasn't seen this before (unlikely) or someone new to the anime scene. Its a great start for people who have just got into anime, suspence, plot twists,tenison and some exciting fight scenes in the later episodes. But these first 20 episodes are exciting too and a good intro for the series and sets the scene for a much more dangerous,exciting and intense story line/arc for the series . I would buy this to start off a great anime series at a cheap price also, not bad for over 7 hrs worth of episodes. Watch to your hearts content.

  4.  After a near decade "Gold/Silver" have been revamped for DS


    Yes this game "HeartGold/SoulSilver" is definatly one of the best if not thee best handheld pokemon or games to be made so far. This is basically a remake/revamped Nintendo DS version of "Gold/Silver" Game Boy Color versions and the difference between the old version and revamped Nintendo DS versions are quite collosal.

    "HeartGold" - Revamped 3-D enviroment/surroundings and you have an interactive dual screen for mini games you can play using Pokemon you capture as you go on through the game, also interactive options/menu (i.e save, Pokedex and Pokemon also Pokegear.) As well as that you can use the pokewalker get catch pokemon on the move and make also help level up pokemon you have already captured (if transmitted to the pokewalker.) Also you have a pokemon (whos first in your six pokeman squad) walking around with, pretty cool if you ask me.

    "Gold" Game Boy Color Version - Its very Retro but not as good as HeartGold is with its 3-D modern graphics.

    However if one thing has stayed the same through every Pokemon hand held RPG game up to this one its definatly, the gameplay, its the same battle system and how you catch pokemon. Which is good as the gameplay is basic,simple and enjoyable old and or new pokefan. I recommend you to buy this game its got hours of gameplay to explore two massive regions and fill up that near massive 500 pokemons worth Pokedex,Gotta catch em all!, right?