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  1.  Excellent 5* Popcorn Movie, average HD transfare


    We all know the film those who are buying it like I said in the title it's a great popcorn movie one to put on after a hard days graft (night lol) fire away and forget...

    But the transfare is just so average! the menu looks like the transfare will be right up there with some of the best like Zulu, and Rambo (4) but in film is a totally different thing lol.

    Very grainy, poor skin tones, lots of motion blur, backgrounds just not sharp enough or vivid enough to be called a Blue Ray disc, at one point towards the end I was thinking "WOW wonder how this would look on Blue Ray" oh dear see what I mean!
    What I have noticed is how soft and weak the films from DVD and video look on LCD-Plasma tellys, and transfaring films to Blue Ray alows you to view them like you would a DVD on a CRT 32" telly only sharper (but not 1080p) some people will disagree but thats what I see...
    DVD looks weak on LCD so they transfare it to sharpen the picture so it won't look soft and out of focus.
    Shame really as this would have been an awesome looking film to show off our £400-500 "NEW" tellys... Give it the transfare it needs in a speacial edition but maybe that's what they had in mind, like when DVD was first released... 5* film 2* transfare... Still buy the Blue Ray version of the film if you don't have it on DVD as from what I have seen it's getting to quite rare, and enjoy a fun night in...

  2.  A MUST SEE!!!


    I never read or saw the reviews of this and kept seeing the adverts for it on the telly and over the internet. Was thinking "oh great another gang film where mr eastwood takes on the whole neighbourhood and kicks ass" but basically no it's not... Clinty boy is an old fart! He's an ex-korean vet who's been working the past 50 years in a ford factory. Now retired wife dead kids grown and have there own family's and still regretting what he had done in korea. Now has to cope with the neighbourhood falling into a slum, white people moving out and people of foreign origin moving in even next door to him, own children don't respect him even there offspring don't much like him. From here there is friendship, violence, haltered, guns, the church... Anyway won't spoil it for you by giving plot clues, the acting is fantastic best of clinty boy for a long time and the supporting cast are excellent too. It's funny and just a joy to watch, like i said he does not take on the whole neighbourhood as i was thinking just watch and enjoy for the end result great stuff!!!



    Ordered sunday posted monday arrived on tuesday wow what service...and what a wheel this is. It's an 11" rubber wheel, very solid and it feels great in the hands, some people don't like flappy paddles but me i love em (they are the future). The rotation feels like a real car though it's not full rotation as like say the logitech g25 but i don't think you really need that, it is so smooth and has that high priced feel to it. The paddles are metal (wow) so you won't break them in a hurry and feel just like a real ferrari, right for up left for down. There are 17 buttons in all according to the game controls properties (still having fun finding them all out). The peddles feel so responsive and have that feel of just enough resistance to give you that realistic touch.

    Overall this is one awesome steering wheel forget buying the high priced ones like the g25 go for this its half the price and just the same or as good in my opinion, like said it does not have a gear stick or clutch just paddles but the build quality and feel to it have just blown me away, well done to thrustmaster...

  4.  ***EXCELLENT***


    Awesome new bond much better than connery (even the fighting was better by a mile) good film but my only problem with the film was telly savalas. Though i like him as an actor he was pants in this film, the characters were great, the scenery was great, story was good so i give it the thumbs up just a shame he didn't do any more.

  5.  Bond is back...but it's not Bond yet!


    Ok...for me this does not feel like the Bond of old. It does not have that epic filming like with Connery, Lazenby, Moore, and Dalton (if you have seem films like Zulu and lawrence of arabia you will know what I mean). I did not mention brosnan due to the films were more American in filming, style and music and to honest I did not like that. The story is rather poor and for Craigs first outing it did not capture me even though I was looking forward to the film, it has the worst villan I can remember in any film I have seem let alone Bond, no cat...no evil empire about to ravage the world...no super human No2...no vast sets spawning extras as far as the eye can see. Eva Green was not sexy in anyway (and rather poor in the part), let alone be a Bong girl. The action sequences are very well done but again due to the filming and lack of story they seem to fall flat and lifeless, the Aston and chair scenes are very good, though very brief. The music yet again is very bad and just lets the film down, Lets get back to the Bond of old and we could have a winner. For me the last good Bond was License to Kill, having a great theme tune, vast scenery and colours a good story and good Bond. Craig is very good in the part and could go on to do some really good Bond films but they just need to give hime a good script, return to the old ways not starting afresh in a new way for the people of today as it just does not work.

  6.  Pixar at it's worst


    Visually stunning, Pixars best animation yet! but that is where it ends. I loved The Incredible's, Toy Story and all of pixars work but after 30 min's I was clock watching due to the story being so boring. I could not believe I was bored watching a Pixar film, I just don't understand why so many people praise this film as nothing really happens the Wall-E character is just Johnny 5 from Short Circuit but smaller and more cute. It's like looking at the world from a child's eye and possibly what we would be like if technology did everything for us, but so what. Lastly I see on other reviews like my own, having a rather bias opinion voted against there review (as will I) but I think it is unfair to rate the review if your a fan of the film. I do not like it and others do not like it and are entitled to there opinion so please only vote if you find my opinion viable, thank you.

  7.  Hmmmmm not that good


    I didn't like it because he doesn't actually do anything, I keep waiting for him to unleash some sort of demonic power but all he is a lacklustre Hulk (red smash...not Hulk smash) The story is abit boring and nothing really becomes of it, I liked the first film which was funny, had interesting characters and a decent story but just lacked that special something. I couldn't place my fingure on what was missing from this character until the second film and it's just that he dosen't do anything, Pearlman is great in the part and wish Hellboy would unleash some of his demonic powers...oh well!

  8.  EXCELLENT A MUST SEE BATMAN FILM (not the joker film)


    Great film! best version of Batman yet, Christian Bale is cast perfectly as batman, as is Heath Ledger as the joker. But lets get this straight, most of the people who have commented on this film here are praising Heath Ledger for his performance as if he is the only one actually in the film (mostly because he died young in his acting career) yes he is excellent but without Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Cain, Morgan Freeman and of course Christopher Nolan's superb direction (which people fail to notice and go straight to Ledgers performance) you would not have the film we have all enjoyed so much. Look past what Ledger did and see the film what it is a fine Superhero movie...



    Any one who thinks that the first AVP film is better than this is just stupid. WOW what a film! it is getting so close to the AVP vs Marines film most of us want to see can't wait for the next film yipeeee

  10.  Harry Pathetic (Don't read if you aint seen or read it)


    This is terrible defo the worst out of all the H/P movies, all the best bits were missed out yes they would have to miss some bits. But come on missing out Hagrid and Madame Maxime trying to enroll the giants, the swamp seen with Fred and George the attack on Hagrid (Umbridge and co), the dire Grawp scenes, the room of requirements finale scene was "NOTHING" like the book (come one blowing the door off) and the really lame fight between Voldermort and Dumbledore is by far the worst bit (the book being much better) the movie moves to fast and there is no time to get into the story they just rushed the most important parts from the book till the end trully awful and I am a big fan of the films and the specially the books.