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  1.  Royalty


    Fantastic animated movie, thoroughly enjoyable. Also has some great songs in the film which reminds me of Disney at its best (Aladdin, Lion King etc).

  2.  Edge Of Your Seat Kind Of Darkness


    Cracking film, proud to have it part of my collection.

    Also shows just why Mel Gibson's been sorely missed in front of the camera. Great story and action.

    People - just sit back with a snack (not a noisy snack though), possibly some pepsi or even haagen dasz and watch, and then I want to see some positive reviews above mine!!! Because that's what will happen..

  3.  "Off with its head"


    Alice in wonderland for me was a bit disappointing, I had wanted to see this film for a long time and it didn't live up to my expectations.

    Although saying that - I wouldn't like to put you off it, because its a decent movie to watch on a sunday afternoon. It just doesn't have the type of charm and magic I was hoping for.

    But I must say, once again Johnny Depp is amazing

  4.  hmmm


    I have mixed feelings about this film, i think its quite a good movie and definetly worth a watch.

    Although there are some tense moments in the film along with decent action scenes, there's just not enough for me.

    I do think its good enough to add to your collection and its also very enjoyable but its not gonna stand out once you have seen it.

    Denzil Washington is my fave actor over the last 10 years and im always gonna buy his movies. This film isn't as good as some of his previous stuff but its very enjoyable and I can certainly see why it divides opinion.

  5.  Out Of This World


    Brilliant humour accompanied with nail-biting action make this a must have title.

    I absolutely love this film

  6.  Bring On Sherlock Holmes 2


    Sherlock Holmes see's Robert Downey Jr. at the top of his game accompanied with ally Jude Law, the two of them share magical chemistry and have you engaged throughout. With their humour, wit and fantastic lines you just cant blink.

    I must say I wasn't anticipating this movie with great expectations even having seen the highly positive reviews from other people. I just thought it may be too dated and slow for my liking. Saying that though it was nothing of the kind, full of action and plenty of scenes that keep you guessing.

    Overall - I was pleasantly surprised and now hope for a sequel, although I will certainly have higher expectations next time round.

  7.  "They don't make 'em like this anymore"


    This is a magnificent film, from an era when acting was an art.

    The locations where the film was made are beautiful, and probably for the first time blu-ray does it justice.

    Doctor Zhivago has an engrossing storyline set in the midst of a Russian civil war, which by the end of the film (which is over 3 hours long) tugs at your heart.

    A brilliant movie with lucid emotive acting (rather than the more razzmatazz of today), which I don't believe we'll see the likes of again.

  8.  Compelled To Watch Again And Again And Again...


    You find yourself watching this and having no idea of how it's going to conclude.

    The more you watch this the more you will appreciate the story too. There are some good performances from the supporting cast, although I wish I could say the same about Caviezel who plays the central character who I think does not show enough emotion for a fella in his plight.

    I've watched this series once over and I'm off to watch again with great anticipation. I recommend this for people who enjoy watching a flick and having to think about it after.

  9.  "Amazing" - Is An Understatement!


    I unlike many, never seen this at the cinema mainly due to it be constantly sold out the first few weeks of release and after that I just thought I'd wait for the blu-ray.

    So when I bought it and watched it on the day of release I was completly blown away. Never before have I watched a film for near 3 hours and wanted more.

    The quality of picture is so incredible you'd be forgiven for thinking you was actually lost in Pandora.

    You may think you have seen every kind of film before - but you have seen NOTHING like this.

    I strongly urge all people in two minds to purchase now! And if you haven't seen Avatar before, cancel all plans upon delivery and i mean all plans (even your Granny's funeral) and find a quiet area to sit and be absorbed by the phenomenon that is Avatar.

    "Amazing" is truly an understatement!!