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  1.  A Great Film


    I purchased this for my partner knowing she loved Period Romantic dramas and it was with some trepidation that I agreed to watch this with her and I am so glad I did.

    Knowing a little of Victoria's later life but nothing of her formative years I watched this without a single word passing between us. I was glued to the screen from start to finish, amazing acting costumes and story, absolutely fantastic although don't tell her that or we'll end up with noting other than dramas on ;)

  2.  Stunning


    Well what a stunning treat. Brought this as a bargain and was absolutely stunned and amazed by the Blu-Ray picture, quality and sound.

    I can't recommend this highly enough in one portion the sound is so intense with the animal calls our dog thought she was surrounded and my partner nearly had heart failure with the surround sound - fantastic!!!!!!

  3.  Lovely


    Great entertainment with some spectacular stunts and action sequences that make this a fabulous evenings entertainment.

    As previous reviews have mentioned it may not be everyone's cup of tea but for pure fun and entertainment I highly recommend it.

    From a Blu-Ray perspective, yes it's a nice transfer but I was not completely blown away as some have suggested.

  4.  Strange


    I have to say the actual plot / storyline was excellant with a great twist on the Ripper Killings I have to say however you might be better with the DVD rather than the Blu Ray as I felt the film did not deliver what it should have with the material it had to work with.

  5.  Brillaint!


    An absolutely outstanding piece of cinema, I was truly gripped from start to finish.

    I don't think there has been a better piece of film or documentary that has captured Hitler's last days of WWII in such detail. The whole cast without fail really impart their particular circumstances and you can empathise so much with the characters portrayed.

    In short, buy it ,watch it and enjoy 5*

  6.  Cracking Viewing


    Firstly lets not pretend this is a cinematic masterpiece or potential Oscar material, it a piece of pure entertainment, albeit a horrific and gory one.

    My review taking my first comments is directed at the performance of the Blu Ray in picture and sound which from an immersion point of view is outstanding if this film is your cup of tea I would highly recommend it's not as good as the first but a million light years better than No2 or 3

  7.  Good Solid Western


    Really enjoyed the film, admittedly Jeremy Irons hams it up a little but overall a very good solid Western.

  8.  Perfect


    Well the original version I had of this movie I would have to rate as a 3/5 after watching this extended Blu Ray it's a 5/5. The Directors version answers so many questions and definatly adds to the film.

  9.  A Must Have


    A must buy for Blu-Ray performance, great epic pictures stunning sound and with the additional footage make this a 5/5 buy.

    I only have one small gripe and that's that the film does not convey the space of time the movie depicts. The siege of Troy supposedly lasted 10 years, the movie depicts it's all over in just over a fortnight.

  10.  WoW


    Well what can I say? Zulu was always one of my favourite films and have owned it previously on nearly all formats.

    I received this over the previous weekend and must be one of the best conversions I have had the pleasure to watch. It set's the benchmark for all future Blu-Ray conversions. Originally released in 1965? Looks like it was filmed a fortnight ago.

    Excellent, highly recommend this movie even if you have it on DVD get the Blu-ray the difference is beyond magical.