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  1.  Good for gaming


    This is a reasonable gaming keyboard for those who don't need the LCD of the G19. With programmable keys, color backlighting, and USB headset emulation, you get a functional gaming keyboard for the money.

    As there are plently of reviews about this keyboard's features and strong points, I felt inclined to tell you about the out-of-the-box impression and negative points as well:

    I got the G110 to replace my Saitek Eclipse II gaming keyboard, and was very surprised to find that the G110 was not better - my expectations were set high especially as Logitech products usually get very good reviews.

    My initial out-of-the-box impression was that the G110 looked cheap and plasticy in comparison to gaming keyboards around the same price bracket.

    The G110 is not very solid to hold or type on; I'm not sure it will last me very long knowing that this keyboard will get a lot of hard use during my game playing. It's not that heavy either; so it moves about when I'm typing if the surface is slightly uneven as my desk is.

    The G110 keys are compact and close to each together (the added G keys make it worse); it feels cramped and I'm mis-typing a lot as I type this review. I'll probably get used to it.

    The G110 key backlighting is not really bright enough; unless you pick a very bright colour like red or your room is very dark.

    The G110 keyboard tilt feet are not long enough to raise the back of the keyboard to make much difference to the angle; it feels flat even with the feet down.

    The G110 Windows-key disable switch is useful to have but it's very stiff to move; to the point that the effort needed to move the switch makes the keyboard move as well.

    I'm sure I'll get used to the G110 eventually.

    Review update:
    I've owned my G110 keyboard for over 3 months now. Put a rubberised mat over my glass computer desk to stop the G110 from slipping; it feels very solid now. Over 200 hours of games playing and many more hours of general use. I've got used to it's peculiarities - even the odd layout and added macro keys don't annoy me now. Backlighting is not very bright but it is just about good enough. I didn't bother raising the back of the keyboard - got used to it being flat. I can now say that this is a very good keyboard for gaming - and up my score to 4/5. :)

  2.  REAL 5.1 Surround Sound


    1. Installation - CD

    This bit was easy; Kaspersky Internet Security reported autostart.exe as malware (Trojan.Win32.Pincav.gsr). A false positive I hope!

    2. Installation - Headset

    This bit was a nightmare; it took me 3 hours to get it right.

    Warning: The audio cables may not be the same as your sound card. The colouring and order may be different.

    If it sounds hollow or phased (like talking down a tube), or the mic doesn't work then you've probably connected it up wrong. Don't play about with the default Windows or sound card settings unless you are sure the connections are correct and the headset is being detected by Windows as a 5.1 surround sound device.

    In my case the connections from Kave (5.1) to Soundblaster (7.1) were:
    - black to black
    - yellow to orange
    - nothing to purple
    - green to green
    - pink to blue

    I had pink connected to purple; Windows thought it was 7.1 instead of 5.1 and did not detect the mic unless it was plugged into the Front Panel.

    3. Design - Adjustment/Headband

    The headset is high quality but also very heavy; I got used to it after a few weeks. I had the headset too tight to start of with which caused pain to the top of my head; I adjusted the headband scale from 5 to 6 which helped. The Equal Weight Distribution system doesn't work as well as I would have liked; the middle pad makes good contact with my head but the side pads don't; I move the headset around or take a 5-10 minute break every hour or so to avoid the pain. Ouch!

    4. Real 5.1 Surround Sound

    Yes it is REAL and it does work. Compared with my old stereo headset I can now hear tiny and quiet sounds that I never heard before; and I can tell where sounds are coming from. Watch out for other headsets, like the Logitech G35 and Razer Megalodon, as these use FAKE (emulated) surround sound rather than the REAL thing.

    The closed ear cups cancel much background noise out; but that also means that you can't hear yourself talking! Having closed ear cups is new to me; it sounds like I've got seashells pressed against each ear.

    5. Microphone

    The mic is clear, crisp and loud enough for game playing.

    6. Control Desktop Remote

    I've set all sliders to 50% (recommended setting); it sounds just right even with flat (default) settings on both headset and sound card. As a bonus music and movies also sound good.

    7. Conclusion

    Overall the Kave headset is very impressive for the price tag. I no longer feel the need to use my external amplifier and speakers when I'm not playing games. My game playing experience is now much more immersive thanks to the Roccat Kave headset. Highly recommended!

  3.  Perfection


    Initially I had problems with the drivers, but I worked with technical support to fix this by testing out new beta drivers before they were released.

    Since then the Razer Diamondback has been an absolute joy to own and use. It's fast, responsive, accurate and lightweight. I think it's important for any device, whether it be a mouse or keyboard, to feel completely natural and effortless to use just as if it's an extension of your own body like a hand or finger. The Razer Diamondback is exactly that.

    I recently made the mistake of buying a Roccat Kone mouse, as I thought technology must have moved on over the last 5 years and that I might be missing out by not having the latest and greatest in gaming hardware. I was mistaken! The Roccat Kone mouse is like holding a brick compared with the slenderness and simplicity of the Razer Diamondback. My gaming went straight down the pan together with my FPS scoring. The Roccat Kone is back it's box and up for sale; the Razer Diamondback is back in action!

    I bought my Razer Diamondback mouse back in April 2005. It's been worked really hard and has coped with 1,000s of hours of demanding FPS games. I've never known anything to last me this long before. Perfection!

  4.  For BIG people with BIG hands!


    There's no doubt that the Roccat Kone is a high-tech precision gaming mouse with many great features.

    It has a 3200 DPI Pro-Aim Gaming Sensor to reduce Pick-Up-Flight; a TCU (Tracking Control Unit) to calibrate the laser power to match the mouse pad surface; an Integrated Turbocore to save CPU power; 128kB of Internal Memory to save up to five Game Profiles; a customisable light system with 5 LEDs capable of displaying the full spectrum of colors; and a FastClip Weight Kit to change the weight of the mouse from 118g by 5g, 10g, 15g and 20g.

    But the so-called Ergonomic Hybrid Shape that is supposedly suitable for people with both claw grip or palm grip fails to impress me. If you have large hands then you should find this mouse very comfortable and easy to dominate.

    However, if you're like me and have small-medium sized hands then don't be surprised if you get wrist ache and have trouble moving it quickly from side to side. My wrist ache got so bad after the first 5 days I put the Kone back in it's box and got my old faithful Razer Diamondback mouse back into action. The Razer is such a fantastic mouse; it's fast, accurate, and lightweight so you really feel in control of the mouse rather than the mouse controlling you.

    In summary, if you've got big hands (Roccat is a German company) then buy the Roccat Kone, otherwise get something smaller like a Razer Diamondback.