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    These are soooo good! I got them today and I also have the Lady Gaga ones but I would say these are better, and they look so cool! The sound is amazing, and worth every penny. They come with different sized earbuds so you can choose which is best for you so they don't fall out!



    First of all, merry christmas :). I got these today for my main christmas present and i must say they are the best gadget i have ever received. The sound is perfect, i couldn't believe my ears! if you are in doubt because you have seen reviews about them falling out of your ears, don't be because there are various sizes and you just need to choose the ones that suit you best. They don't look cheap, they are very stylish and you get your money's worth. I can't wait to show them off to my friends!

  3.  The Best Album I Have Ever Owned!


    It is fab, normally I buy an album and never like all of the songs, but they are all so different on this one they are fab! My favourite is The Fame, and Love Game. I was so looking forward to it coming in the post (I didn't want to download, i'd rather have the CD)! She is a great young artist and she sounds like Gwen Stefani, BUY BUY BUY! :D

  4.  Looks A Good Read


    Pictures are nice, plenty of info and can't wait to start it.

  5.  Great Phone!!


    I bought this yesterday and it's fantastic! I got the silver one as I don't like the graphite design and it's thin, the touch pad is very quick and the camera is fab, no faults so far! I have bought a memory card as the phone memory isn't great. I love the theme designer, I have made a few already! It's easy to text, it's a fun phone and I can't think of any problems yet. Hope this helped. if you are not too sure about the mixed reviews, hopefully mine will convince you to get it because although it has reduced in price alot, I would still pay the £349 it was originally. Hope this helped! Great phone 10/10 110%

  6.  This is Fab!


    This is the best iPod I have ever had. Previously I had the 2GB Silver Nano which was only a year old, but technology has changed so much in that time! The quality is fab!

  7.  Okay?


    I bought this book only a few days ago and it has taken a while for me to accept that the whole story is letters and instant messenging! It would be so much better if it was a normal novel. It is okay, I like the story so I will keep reading it - i'm on page 124 already!

  8.  Best Phone I've Ever Had


    I ordered this phone Sunday last week and came Tuesday. It is the best phone ever! It has everything on it, mp3 player, memory card, video etc. TrackID is good too. My favourite is FaceWarp. It comes with a free memory card and a blingy phone charm. It is the cheapest on the Internet so you won't be disappointed. I would recommend this for anyone who loves music. Charges quickly too. Although some reviews say that the battery life isn't good, it lasts me 4 days and I listen to alot of music. If your looking for a Sony Ericsson phone, get this one!

  9.  Finally - Good Viewing!


    The television is poor nowadays so I just stick to good british DVDs. I bought George and Mildred at Christmas, so I thought I would give Rising Damp a try. Even though I was born twenty years after the show started, I have got used to it but I must say the movie is the best! I know some people will not agree but I have watched a few episodes and find it hard to grasp the humour Leonard Rossiter gives. Maybe it is just me, so far my favourite episode is the one where Rigsby (if you have ever wondered what his first name was, its Rupert) fasts for a fiver off Philip, but ends up giving the winnings to Miss Jones, by accident. I think it is called 'Food Glorious Food'. I like it! 4/5.

  10.  Fantastic!


    Watched the film and read the book at school. Worth the read and so addictive! Film is great too.