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  1.  Simply Outstanding!


    I am a big fan of Assassins Creed and this is such an outstanding piece of video game memorabilia, looks beautiful, brilliant detail, easy lock and spring loaded mechanism. Made from hard flexible plastic for the vambrace, seems a little delicate so be careful, but would happily buy another. A perfect piece for all video game collectors as well as Assassins Creed fans.

  2.  I really liked it Great Game!


    A lot of criticism about this game is that it has no story and it is not worth the money you pay for it. I personally believe that this game is a lot like Tetris, it does not have a story you just play it and enjoy it. I found this game to be a really good edition to my first 3DS bundle and has some very good features. If you like Resident Evil and you like just running around, shooting some zombies, trying to unlock new skills and characters by getting the best score then this is a good game.

    I enjoyed the Mercenaries a lot in the previous Resident Evil games and I had no problem with this, online works well and the 3D is excellent definitely fun to play with, the only thing I did not enjoy is the demo of Revelations I expected something like a 20 minute demo of the first mission for I completed that in less than a few minutes and is not worth buying this game just for that demo.

    But as I said if you enjoy playing the Mercenaries and just shooting Zombies I would recommend this game it is not that bad honestly, game play works great for the 3DS and has some good replay value and graphics. Buy this game knowing that you are not getting a story, dont complain because there is no story because you have already been told.

  3.  Good Effort but an Unsatisfying Payoff


    I was really looking forward to this game and was actually one of my most wanted games of 2011. But once I got it and played it I noticed in the first few hours it was very boring and seemed to dull. The game developers did put a lot of effort into making this game and I believe that is something not a lot of game developers for Wii games do these days, but they can add all the monsters and weapons in the world but this game is really dull.

    I believe it is dull because although most levels have a bit more open environments there are still a lot of narrow hallways you must go through to get to the next task or level. I also was not to fond of the Multiplayer which seemed like its main selling point but trust me the currency system is annoying, voting is ridiculous and the maps are lazy because all the old maps return just slightly updated. The single player mode is ridiculous because although sometimes it may appear be a bit fun but the story is all over the place, very short and has possibly the stupidest ending to a game ever.

    There are not a lot of shooters out there for Wii but this one I would not recommend if you were looking for a replacement for Call of Duty. The game has a lot of effort and some good qualities but they are over shadowed by everything which is bad in the game.

  4.  Best Zelda and Wii game to Date


    Bought this game when I first got my Wii which was back in 2007 and took me a long time to complete it. This remains still one of the best Wii games money can buy and let no one tell you different. The story is incredible, gameplay just as better and there is no other word that can describe this game just Brilliant.

    If you own a Wii this is the game for everyone, do not read these reviews and find out what it is like because trust me this is literally the best Wii game ever and today remains my favourite Zelda game of all time.

  5.  Based on Demo...


    I have been a fan of Mortal Kombat all my life and when this one was announced and I heard what was going on and what it would include I was excited. Based on the Demo I downloaded well... It lives up to everyones expectations and more. It is the most Violent and Gruesome game I have ever known as well as played, and it is magnificent. Cannot wait for the full game seriously anyone who is in doubt about this game I promise your money will be well invested with this game. Truly FLAWLESS.

  6.  Sonic Regains His Colours


    For the Last few years Sonic has been getting a whole lot of stick for his new 3D adventures, although there was a mix opinion on some of his recent games there has always been light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is the Colours that Sonic has been long awaited for in the last 20 years, Sonic is back baby and Sonic Colours is not only one of the best Sonic games in the last 10 years but probably one of his best game since the glory of the Megadrive era.

    Sonic Colours uses similar gameplay to Sonic Unleashed but unlike Sonic Unleashed it is actually fun. The game focuses more on Sonics speed and action, and with a unique twist the new Wisp characters are introduced giving sonic all kind of powers which give the game more originality and excitement. The mix between the 3D and 2D environments are very good as well because at one moment you could be in a running in 3D mode then running in a classic 2D side scrolling environment which recreates the Sonic magic we know and love. Plus the graphics look brilliant especially on a HD TV, possibly one of the best graphics I have seen on Wii all year. Plus the addition of new voice actors work brilliant as well, Sonic sounds like the fun, care free hero he is and Tails actually sounds older and braver. The story is pretty good as well and suites the voice actors perfectly because it involves a lot of comedy which makes the characters stand out and come to life.

    Like every game there are some bad points and Sonic Colours has some which can affect how you play. Mostly it depends what controller you are using because the game offers the use of the Wii nunchuck and Wiimote or the classic controller Pro and Gamecube controllers. Myself I believe the Classic Controller Pro is the best option because the buttons are laid out simply unlike the Wiimote option which can get confusing. The side scrolling parts of the game can get difficult as well especially when it comes to jumping from platform to platform over a nothing which will take some of your lives, this is because of the sensitive analogue sticks so be careful. The game is also reasonably hard and this is because of the sensitive controls, so be prepared. The story seems short as well, I have yet to complete it but I have almost completed every Zone so far.

    Sonic has come a long way to get a reasonably good game, and after years of disappointment I think everyone will be surprised on what this game offers. With some of the most fun in a Sonic game since Sonic Heroes, Sonic Colours really does regain the Colours and Magic we all loved when we are kids. And now that Sonic is reaching his 20 years I believe with this game there is a whole new world waiting for the future of Sonic, and with this by its side it is a bright one at that. If you own a Wii you must own this game, simple as that.

  7.  The Best Kinnect Game Out Now


    When I first looked at the game earlier on last year I was not taken with it simply because I was not interested in the Kinnect. But when Christmas rolled around me and my family got a Kinnect so after a while on Adventures and Sports I enjoyed it. That is when I looked at this game further and I bought it. It took me awhile to get use to the controls you do with your body and in the end you feel sort of accomplished on what you have done.

    The game is very tiring after awhile so it is best to take some breaks, plus you will need a lot of space to play this just like any other Kinnect game. But since this Kinnect game is more than just a party game it does feel like the Mario Kart of Xbox, and at times it does not feel like it because the racing is a whole different level than Mario Kart. It offers the most fun and exciting action you do not get from most Kinnect games out on the market right now, you will have to be focused on winning because it is hard and the motion controls will test how you play and win.

    Although this game has impressed me a lot I must say it does take a lot of time to get the experience you need to take the game online and grand prix mode. It is very difficult at first but after awhile it grows on you.

    After awhile playing this game you will eventually love it or hate it depending what type of player you are, overall it is a very fun and exciting game and probably one of the best Kinnect games that puts your body threw the test. If you are a fan of Sonic and own a Kinnect I would suggest try it out and give it a chance before you give it your final verdict, it is hard and sometimes complicated but it is also very fun once you get the hang of it.

  8.  The Best of 2010!


    When I say The Best of 2010 I mean it, Scott Pilgrim is not only the most brilliant comic book film that follows a lot of the original story lines and scenarios, but definitely one of the best films of 2010.

    Its funny, brilliant acting by each and every character, follows the original book very well, epic fight scenes and much more! If you want a brilliant film look no further then Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World!

  9.  Game of the Year!


    This is not an expression when I say Game of the Year, this is seriosuly one of the best games I have been on all year and my most look forward to game of the year, forget Black Ops, put away Fallout ladies and gents and buy this game!

    I was apart of the multiplayer beta and was seriosuly impressed with the beta, but as for the single player well I knew what was coming and I knew a lot was going to be the same but it does feel different. Single player story is a great story that is very challenging with the new strike first system which it no longer takes 10 minutes to kill a guard, its fast and deadly combat now. New weapons and gadgets make the game interesting, and Rome is simply beautifull and all the areas look gorgeous, one of the biggest and best maps ever.

    Multiplayer I was greatly impressed with, and since I got the Special Edition I unlocked The Officer character and he is great, and I also unlocked the Hellaquin from Uplay who is very cute but dangerous, dont be fooled by her. Multiplayer is seriously awesome no bad comments, the multiplayer has been greatly improved since the beta.

    There are some bad things in this game but nothing to serious, the new horse system is good but they can no longer gallop which seems a little silly, as well as some of the parkour mechanics are still a little buggy. But if you dont bother with these like I do you will not care.

    A truly brilliant game and it may not have changed greatly from the last game but there was nothing wrong from the last one that needed changing in this one, its truly an epic game and should be in every gamers Christmas stockings this year.

  10.  An Epic Wii Shooter!


    A truly awesome Wii first person shooter that offers hours of fun, single player is exciting, multiplayer is just about everything you need and Co-op Zombies is a special treat for all the fans. A brilliant port for Wii but I like to think of this as a port because it includes just about everything from the 360 and PS3 versions but it
    only misses a few weapons and things.

    Graphics arn't brilliant, servers can be laggy and at times it gets frustrating, but if your looking for a epic FPS for your Wii this year with one of the most awesome Multiplayers to date for Wii, this is your tittle.