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  1.  Best multiplayer 3DS game yet!


    I really enjoyed Mario Kart 7 :) It's the first game that I believe really captures the essence of the 3DS's pick up and play style Nintendo have been going for. Play a race, put it in my pocket and play another when I have another free moment! The Streetpass functionality is really good and the online play has the same greatness as its Wii cousin. The 3D effect works great in a subtle but good-looking way, it gives more life to the vibrant tracks. Vehicle customisation really adds some replay value, you're going to need to play a lot of races for those coins to get vehicle parts! The new courses are great and the retro ones are well chosen not to mention the underwater and flying sections of the game! Overall a really great package! If you own a 3DS this should certainly be the game to own as of right now!

  2.  An absolutely brilliant game


    Super Mario Galaxy 2 takes the amazing qualities of the first game and somehow makes it even better.

    The level design, music great controls and sound effects makes each environment a blast to play.

    There is a long quest that can be beaten with 70 stars but after that there's an extra world with some more cool levels and challenges.

    The Cosmic Guide (similar to the Super Guide from New Super Mario Bros Wii) is a cool new addition however I never really needed it as there was no level I was ever so stuck i had to use it. That's not to say the game is easy, its a very nice balance in difficulty that makes beginners and experts welcome.

    If you own a Wii then you MUST have this game. It could arguably be the best game on the Wii right now.

    Mario Galaxy 2 is a blast to play from beginning to end and somehow Nintendo have made one of the greatest games even better with the sequel.

    An EASY and completely well deserved score of,


  3.  A great microphone and very useful piece of kit.


    I got this headset because as like many people, my wired headset has fallen to bits so I decided to pick this up and I'm very glad I did.

    It's easy to set up and I thought that it was pretty comfortable when its on my head and after a while you do start to not notice it as much. I did like the fact that the mic connects to the 360 and not the controller which means if the controller disconnects your mic isn't disabled which is a nice touch.

    I was also very impressed with the range. When I'm talking to my buddies I can actually leave the room, go upstairs and go into another room on my computer and it would still work which is very cool!

    I've not had the product for too long so I'm unsure about issues of the device breaking but I'm just gonna keep it safe and I'm sure it'll be fine.

    I think this is a great piece of kit and my only real gripe is the cost! 30 pounds is a little too much for this but if I'm rating on the product alone then its an easy 5/5.

  4.  Very good, just a bit flimsy


    I'm a big fan of the series and this is definitely the coolest sonic screwdriver I've ever seen. The cool green lights, the variety of sounds, the cool robotic retro feel and the extending end make this a really cool device.

    There are 3 buttons on the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. The top 2 buttons in the middle of the device are the extender button and the sonic noise button

    Unlike the previous screwdriver you have 4 different sounds to choose from by pressing the noise button in succession!

    Sound 1 and 2 are the same sonic-like noise the previous screwdriver did except one is higher pitched than the other. You press the button once and they change alternately so it goes Sound 1, Sound 2, Sound 1, Sound 2 etc.

    Sound 3 is a weird cool laser-like noise from pressing the button 3 times in quick succession. Sound 4 is the lower pitched noise of Sounds 1/2 except it flickers visually and audibly as if the screwdriver has an interference or running low on power.

    However its definitely not perfect. Putting in the batteries is a bit of an ordeal and the screws involved in doing so were quite difficult to remove especially if you used the wrong kind of screwdriver which can strip the screw head and make it hard to remove the battery cover. The main button which activates the noises only works when the screwdriver is in its low position and so when extended, the button is attached to the point that is extended and moves into a small gap that is designed for you not to be able to press it in. Its hard to fully explain but it is a big annoyance.

    The problem is somewhat solved by having a button on the bottom of the screwdriver under a hatch which is significantly harder to press than the other buttons and works whether the device is in the basic or extended position. It is pretty cool but it seems unnecessary when the problem could have been solved anyway. Also when the device is extended there is no button to bring it down so it has to be done manually. This isn't a giant problem but you can't seem to do it with your palm directly as that doesn't lock in the metal claws which means when you let go it just springs back up again. The only way to do it is to make sure your hand is only touching the light and push it down.

    These all are minor complaints but overall the product is great. I'm not fan of collecting but if you're into collecting and displaying doctor who merchandise then the packaging for series 5 is pretty sweet.

    If you're a fan and want to re-create some of your favourite moments from the new series or just have a wave around pretending to be the doctor, I can highly recommend this.


  5.  A great game and an outstanding game creation tool


    I have bought and played each game of the Wario Ware franchise and I, like many others have been itching to maybe one day try my hand at making my own microgames. Of course until now these ideas have only been doodles on paper but Wario Ware DIY creates one of the most in depth creation tools ever to reach any game, let alone any DS game.

    The basic concept of any Wario Ware game is to play a bag of 5-11 second 'microgames' and you have to quickly solve them before time runs out. The fun of this comes from trying as quickly as possible to work out what you have to do and then do it as fast as you can. As with any Wario Ware game you get 90 pre-made micro games for you to play and what's even more interesting this time around is that every one of the pre-made games are all made using the engine of the microgame maker available for your use! This means that any pre-made game is possible to be made yourself!

    The MakerMatic is the star here as the games toolset to make your own microgames (as the title DIY or Do it Yourself entails) but before you can even get your hands on it you'll have to sit through some lessons in the DIY ABCs class. The lessons are actually very good at getting you to learn the ropes while at the same time being quite entertaining from the banter that Wario has with your guide! What it ultimately boils down to is a 1 hour session of getting accustomed to the way the MakerMatic works and after that if you're still unsure there's a bunch of extra challenges which pit your knowledge of microgame assembly in the Assembly Dojo which is good fun and teaches you even more cool things to put in your microgames.

    In the MakerMatic the graphic editing is solid using the ability to draw with your stylus which works ok but when getting to the smaller bits it's definitely worth zooming in to fix the smaller details. You also have the ability to make custom 4 frame animations to be played at a variety of different playback screens. The music editing comes with the ability to make your own custom tracks also from scratch using an extensive set of instruments spread over 2 base octaves and some cool drum sets and percussion devices to get your groove on with. The most important aspect though has to be the AI which controls the activity of every object on the screen and determines how you can win the game itself. There are literally hundreds of different ways to make your microgame unique and provides a solid set to build your own 10 seconds of glory. You can also view each of the pre-made games in the AI editing screen to find out how they did it and you can use aspects from these bits into your own creations!

    There are one or two problems with the MakerMatic such as the ability to only make tap minigames instead of in the previous DS game Wario Ware Touched you could complete the games by doing a variety of things with the stylus such as dragging, scribbling, and using the microphone support but in DIY these features are nowhere to be found. This in itself doesn't seem like a huge problem but when you consider once again that all the pre-made games are also made off the MakerMatic so it boils down to a LOT of tapping.

    I peeked at the distribution centre briefly but with no online support at this moment in time I can't give my opinion on it, but it looks like great fun and I'm sure I'll be able to check it out soon.

    If you're not so much the creative type but like Wario Ware's core concept, check out Wario Ware Touched also on the Nintendo DS and if you like that, check this game out. This game does deliver the goods and if you have a DS and want another fun game to play for weeks on end, then Wario Ware DIY is most definitely a very worthy purchase!