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  1.  My favourite album of 2010


    Quite simply my favourite album of 2010.
    Even the simple "Bike Song" my least favourite has something about it. The standout track is "Somebody to Love Me", utterly sublime in every way.
    This was also the best gig I went to in 2010 in Glasgow and I went to a lot of gigs last year. For a fiver you can't go wrong.

  2.  The Boy is Horwood


    Make no mistake the BOY in the story is William Horwood himself.
    It's a thoroughly moving story, and having read a good few of his books before this, it just makes the man even more interesting and actually makes the Duncton series more intriguing as you can see where some of the ideas were formed.
    Please for those who liked this, read the Skallagrigg, if you can find yourselves a copy.
    On from that the Duncton Wood series is amazing.

  3.  Should never be out of print : a hidden gem


    I read this after seeing the BBC drama adaptation which is very good, but also very very different to the book. Well worth a watch (but hard to find although it is on youtube but out of synch).
    The book is a long read and sometimes a bit hard for people with the 80's computer based setting in the early part. But this is just the background around the disabled female lead and her dad who runs a computer firm. I don't want to type too much about it for fear of giving the story away.
    Needless to say it had be gripped as I was a child born in the early 70's who was a home computer nut of the early 80's so that part had me gripped, but I could see how it may lose some there.
    I simply coudn't put the book down first read, and I'm not much of a reader, and I read slow. In fact when I thought I was near the end I stayed up as I just had to see how it ended, well at 5am I finally got to bed.
    As the other reviewer said, I was laughing and crying too. Same as I was with the TV adaptation but more so.
    I've re-read it a few times since and it's lost none of the power even though I know the story.
    I've since hunted out most of his books with the exception of the Willows books. The Duncton books are amazing, the Boy with No Shoes is fabulous and the easiest read, but this is just the best.
    Skallagrigg if push came to shove would probably be my favourite book ever if I had to name one, in my top 5 it's up there with "War of the Worlds", "Hound of the Baskervilles", "The Stand (Uncut)" & "The Green Mile"
    If you get hold of one then do it.
    They seem to fetch silly prices sometimes but you can often find a bargain. I have 3, one grubby PB I first bought to re-read, a HB to keep for best and a spare PB in emergency situations :)

  4.  1st Blu Ray - Not Dissapointed


    Deciding what to go for on my first Blu Ray pick was hard. I wanted something that wasn't a repeat of quite a large DVD collection between myself and my wife.
    In the end I wanted to surprise her with something special and she's a huge Maiden fan, and I quite like their stuff too so decided on this. Left it in it's packaging for 2 days to tease her as we have been busy and finally opened it today and watched it.
    Great rockumentary with unobtrusive but candid filming of the band that had us genuinley moved and also laughing out loud in so many places.
    The band have picked 16 songs from 16 different countries on this amazing tour and alhough you only get to hear bits of them during the rockumentary, you get the full uncut Set List on the Blu Ray to watch afterwards. With such a long film (not overly - it flew by - excuse pun) we just hand picked a few favourites afterwards.
    They really are a hard working band and you can tell they appreciate each other and the crew and it's all a big family affair.
    My wife has met all of them apart from Adrian and Dave, and they all come accross in this exactly as when she met them. So you can tell it's genuine alright.
    A fantastic watch even for non die hard fans such as myself, in fact even as a casual rock fan it's a great watch as you don't get to hear all the songs in their entirety so don't get bored. However if you are a fan then you'll be in heaven, especially with the full 16 songs after the rockumentary.
    Superb visual and audio quality.
    Superb booklet with diary style entries.
    Just superb.
    5 out of 5 from us. And well worth another watch easily.