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  1.  Changed me as a gamer


    First of all may experience of this game went like this: Neutral, I like it, I hate it, I like it, I really hate it, why did I buy this game, neutral, I like it, I love it, this is one of the best RPGs in existence.

    The first thing you will notice about this game is the difficulty involved in the combat. It can be very challenging and annoying during your first few hours until you get used to it. I recommend having a friend guide you through your first few hours to make it less frustrating for yourself...I lost count of how many rage quits I had during my first 10 hours.
    You play as the chosen undead fated with a pilgrimage to find your humanity and obtain the Lordvessel. The rest of the story I will leave for you to discover.
    The combat is well thought out, it's fluent, realistic and satisfying to perform huge crushing attacks! You can play as your standard Knight, Sorcerer or Theif along with other classes like the Wanderer and Cleric, so it's your typical RPG when it comes to character creation.
    Weapons are varied and feel true to form when you weild them. Although I can't say the same for spells, so far I havn't run into any lightning or frost based spells which is pretty disappointing. Buffering spells are next to useless, Iron Flesh buffs your defense but slows you to a literal crawl so it's really not worth it.
    The game has a lock-on feature which helps so much during combat, but can also hinder your combat if caught in a narrow corridor or a cliff edge due to the sometimes utterly stupid camera angles.
    The scenery is gorgeous and original and there are very few generic enemies aside from a few skeletons or ghosts. Graphics are still appealing 2 years down the line and textures are very detailed in a lot of areas. Battles are intense and has some of the most iconic boss fights in modern gaming (Ornstein and Smough anyone?).
    Despite a lot of praise about the difficulty from reviewers, there are certain areas in the game that are close to impossible, and most arn't boss fights. An area in Anor Londo with some archers on the ledges was RIDICULOUSLY difficult due to the sheer force the arrows hit you at (even when blocking) and the precarious way you're standing on the ledges is just silly. A certain boss, whilst not particularly difficult to kill, can be very frustrating due to the tiny room you are in and the moronic camera angles. The only time you'll die during that fight is when you can't see an attack coming because all you can see is a wall.
    It's also one of the most well polished games I've ever played, glitches are few and far between and never game breaking. Although a few areas have terrible framrates.
    Overall, Dark Souls is a fantastic game to play; it's immersive, long, satisfying and above all, varied. Truly one of the greatest games of our time and the best RPG I've played for years.
    If you're fond of the Elder Scrolls, Borderlands, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale etc, then don't miss this epic game!

  2.  Touch and go...


    First things first, The Stand is fairly good if not a little bit too long.
    Now we've got my general opinion out of the way I'll continue, I'll bullet point this review to make it easier to read:

    Good Points:
    - The characters are all original and believable, they are one of the strongest points of the book, so bravo to SK for this achievement.
    - The story despite being very similar to the bible is an enjoyable one, if not a bit predictable in places.
    - The ending (epilogue) has a very nice twist and ends on a cliffhanger of some sort if anything, for those intelligent enough to understand it (not hard). Probably the best epilogue to book I've read and I couldn't help but grin after reading it.
    - There is a good balance of themes in the book: Love, evil, death, friendship just to name about half.

    Bad Points:
    - King tends to drone quite a lot, you will know what I mean if you read it. He will often go off on a limb about another character's past or experiences which have really nothing to do with the story, or very little at most.
    - The book is quite drawn out and a little too long. It is 1325 pages long and could've been wrapped up in about 1000 pages in my opinion.
    - I agree with a previous reviewer about the ending (apart from the epilogue) being a bit of an anti-climax, I can't help but feel he rushed it a little, once again, if you read this you may know what i mean.
    - The begining takes maybe a little too long to get going, only a minor point though.

    Overall, The Stand is a good book and for the most part, well written. An equal number of good and bad points earn it a decent 3 star rating, I would give it 3 and a half if it were possible. The 3rd King novel I have read after The Dead Zone and Misery which were both rather dull and quite boring, I would recommend this book simply because, when you look back on the story, you remember how good it actually is, despite several mishaps.

  3.  The Original is up there with the best!


    The graphics still don't even look that dated in 2011, which is good.
    Storyline just as good as I remember, gameplay just as good as I remember. Enemy AI good for the time this was made (2002!)
    Plenty of lenghty missions to keep you occupied till rapture, 10 doesn't sound a lot, but atleast half of those missions are pretty dam long!
    Just as challenging as I remember, and as a stealth game should be, FPS fans beware! (Even though it is a FPS)
    Just an overall great game! For fans of Metal Gear Solid and Hitman.

  4. Asylum


    Disturbed - CD

    28 New from  £4.80  Free delivery

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     Actually... not so good.


    Indestructible was a hard album to follow, I think fans are still recovering from it!
    Asylum has it's fair share of good songs on it, but there's only about 4 good songs at a stretch on it.
    It all sounds fairly good at first until u've heard the album about 3 times, then it just gets balnd, this review has been edited, it was originally 4 stars but now, it doesn't come close to that.
    I hope they spend more time and thought on their next album (if they write again) more softer material would be brilliant to hear. Material like: "Darkness", "Breathe", "Overburdened" and other slower songs would make a fresher album I think, but that's just me.

  5.  There's a reason it didn't win those oscars...


    I will brake it down into good points and bad points, starting with bad.

    Bad points:
    - Oh look! It's Michelle Rodriguez playing that Tom boy again like in, Fast and Furious, SWAT, Resident Evil and about 2 other films.
    - Plot was so predictable that I nearly recited the words.
    - Plot was obviously taken from Dances With Wolves and Pocahontus.
    - Acting wasn't exactly top notch. Only good acting was by Sigourney Weaver.
    - Film was painfully similar to his past work.
    - Characters were also predictable in terms of what they did in the film.
    - Too long.

    Good Points:
    - CGI was obviously excellent
    .... that's about it.
    Although I would actually give the film 3 stars because I did strangely enjoy it to an extent.
    But the DVD gets 2 stars because there are NO SPECIAL FEATURES!!! In a film like this, an considering i'm on a media course, I would've liked to see how it was made.

    Anyway don't believe the hype...

  6.  Christopher Nolan is forgiven...


    After The Dark Knight, I lost all liking for Christopher Nolan (The Prestige). But this film has definatley got him back in my good books.
    In order to understand everything that went on, I actually had to watch the film twice, because the first time i was just so confused as to what was going on.
    The concept behind Inception is simply brilliant, even eerie to a large extent. It had a generally dark theme with a lighter aspect also, which contrasted well with the script.
    I think the certificate of this film should be a 15 due to the complex plotline and narrative involved.
    You may also develop a slight crush on Ellen Page.
    To wrap up with one simple sentence:
    You will think twice before going to sleep...

  7.  THE Disturbed album to own!


    Liked this album ever since the long awaited release, i've only got round to reviewing it now.
    When I heard how good the pre-releases were, I thought to myself that this was gonna be a dam good album, and it was!
    Stand out tracks are the title track, Inside the Fire, Haunted, Criminal and Perfect Insanity, buy this album now wether you're new to Disturbed or not!

  8.  Magical...


    Really didn't think this would be my type of book at first since I am used to reading Dan Brown Novels. But by about page 100-150 i actually thought, this could get pretty good.... that was an understatement!
    The book never failed to surprise me with quite a few unexpected events happening at really unexpected times.
    Smith has captured the life of Ancient Egypt perfectly and nothing in the book is ever cheesy or would make you think "Yeh right, as if that would happen", every thing is just so believable and if you're weird like me and imagine people you know as the characters then this will be even better for you in terms of getting absorbed into the Egyptian world.
    This is actaully mostly a love story weaved into an adventure/war story which softens the book brilliantly.
    Like most who have read this, it was my first W.Smith book and intend on reading the rest of the series.

  9.  Excellent!


    I know this game is years old (2001), but who gives a dam!? It's one of the best rts's to date, along with Starcraft and Starcraft 2 this game has a great campaign and surprisingly a very good replayability factor, its so addictive, 1 of the forgotten games of the noughties...

  10.  A good album :)


    They've basically took Hybrid Theory, and made it better, improving on songs like With You, By Myself and Crawling (yes Crawling)
    Other songs like Points of Authority and My December are good too, a mix of the soft and the hard here making for a very good album.