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  1.  What a con!


    Hahaha, if you really want a good racing game for your Vita, this isn't it.

    I say that from a purely value for money point of view.

    Having tried the demo for Asphalt Injection- I find it to actually be the same game albeit with higher esolution textures as Asphalt Adrenaline for Andorid and iOS. I have the Xperia Play version which is free. and other than the front end, slightly better textures and framerate, it's the same game.

    The racing is fairly dull, drift mechanic is still poor, and there's no damage model to speak of other than a poor broken glass effect.

    This only shows off Gameloft's greed and contempt for the market.

    If you can get it really cheap then it's better to have on a Vita card than take up memory space. But for the retail price, you might as well just get Ridge Racer.

  2.  Nice


    Good shirt, great fit out of the medium size and looks just like the pic.

  3.  MAG was better


    The single player game OS pretty terrible in comparison with the likes of COD, Resistance and Killzone. But that's not what Battlefield's all about.
    Online the game is solid and visceral. Tough starting out at the bottom, but persevere and level up the game soon yields both rewards and fun,intense gameplay.
    For me though, despite it's good looks, destructive everything and many vehicles I would honestly say that so far MAG is a better experience. More varied game types and- essentially, more people speaking leading to a more satisfying and strategic game. Have not yet played a game of BF3 with more than one other person using a mic.

  4.  Good Demo


    Played the demo yesterday (not the mp one though).
    Quite impressed, nice physics, makes the driving really involving and the 'shift' mechanic actually doesn't suck like I thought it would. I'll grab it when the price (inevitably) drops.

  5.  Perfect!


    20 great Crowes records, rerecorded acoustic.
    This is simply the most satisfying album I've bought in a long while, if you're a Crowes fan (or just getting in to them) just buy it, you won't be disappointed with these beautiful renditions of fantastic songs by one the greatest bands in the world! This shows how a band who love their music can continue to love the songs that garnered their following, no tinkering, no re-hashing, no needless rearranging, just recorded really really well as an acoustic set, just brilliant!

  6.  Satisfying!


    First things first, this game is tough, not unfairly so, but in an age of continuous save points some modern gamers may be a little put off by having to restart after each death, but one thing's for sure you'll value your 'life' all the more for it!

    Great game, nice hack/slash/spell casting action RPG which, if you so choose, is as deep as an abyss. The supplied strategy guide is testament to this but, unless you're going to play through with it, I'd leave it alone until your second play through and only use it to get you moving past parts you really can't do.

    Only on the second world myself but loving the game, thankfully I found a Bastard Sword on the first proper level, which has saved my bacon with many a harder villain!

    Bottom line, buy it. If you're an action RPG fan you'll love it, if you've never played one, you'll possibly never play one like this ever again!

  7.  Not bad . . . but . . .


    Firstly, 40 quid is really steep for this speaker!
    But saying that, it does the job, not as powerful or clear as the mbs100/200 but it is slightly more portable and benefits from using regular AA's.
    A word of warning though, try and test one out with your phone before buying as in my experience these things don't play well with non sony ericsson phones!
    my HTC touch HD worked with it, but it was very, very quiet! But my later acquired W995 works a charm and kicks out a pleasing (much louder) sound. This true also of the mbs100

  8.  Utterly Bonkers!!


    Imported this from the states when it was released there a few months ago, and was very impressed!
    If you're 2D fighter fan and enjoyed the Guilty Gear games just order now!
    The graphics are stunning and controls are sharp and fun to pick up but difficult to master (as all fighting games should be ;-) )
    The characters are all very different both in appearance and technique and there's something for everyone., the game is bonkers and covers all the crazy Japanese-ness you might expect.
    This really is a cracking game, not sure if this edition comes with the J-pop soundtrack CD but it'd be a shame if it doesn't!
    BUY IT!

  9.  5 Star Shooting!


    This game is stunning! If you like any sort of aerial combat game then this is one for you. Free of the tech heavy HUDs and control systems of games like HAWX - Birds of Prey really puts you in the hot seat, in terms of control it's all down to you. You have the option of playing three settings; Arcade; Realistic and Simulation, each being closer to a 'real' flying experience and thus all the more difficult. The realism in the game is greatly assisted by the incredible graphics, and in the air they really are superb. Closer to the ground buildings and fine detail suffers, but this is truly a minor complaint given the sensation of beauty when you're flying around and looking down on the environs of Europe during WWII.
    Not just that, but combat itself is very satisfying. From the thunder of your guns to the tearing and exploding of your enemy aircraft, IL*2 really puts on a fine show. Depending where your shots land can greatly affect your opponent planes, from exploding their engines to slicing off their tail sections, you'll find yourself trying to get as close as possible and snipping of a wing and watching them tumble to the ground! And you really have to look around as well while flying around, as while you may be blowing nazi flyers out of the sky, a few well placed cannon rounds can cut a wing or tail off of your plane too and send you hurtling to a firey death!
    The detail applied to the planes and damage models is second to none, bullet holes appear in real time as you take a hammering and the skin of your plane will start to get damaged too, revealing the exposed airframe and affecting your controls.
    The story element is solid and there are a vast amount of planes. The in game encyclopedia is also very good offering solid historical insight into the battles you're engaged in.
    All round one of the finest games for PS3 there is, and if you're a flight combat fan a must buy! I'll be buying a flight stick just for this game, the sixaxis controls are fantastic, but this game deserves a good stick! (the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X being my choice!)
    Great Price! Great Game! Buy It!

  10.  Cracking


    Also based on the demo: this game is very, very good, and will no doubt offer a little more than you average fps. i thought the first game was a little dull, but this sequel is a lot of fun and rewarding to play- I may buy this before killzone 2.