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  1.  Excellent


    This game is a real leap forward for the games industry in terms of the way the game looks and plays. So far the game is a real gem for me solving crimes with a really unique GUI the GUI being the notebook, and the way you can tell if suspects are lying or not.
    The city of LA Noir is stunning it looks lovely and there are no frame rate drops or screen tears as of yet, the one thing that took some of the WOW out of it for me is the lack of texture to the characters. I know this is a real innovation in Game tech, but it just looks like a very convincing wax work doll. All i can say is if games can do this now I cant wait to see what "Team Bondi" and "Rockstar" do next,

  2.  Loved this game


    This game is a must have for any PS3 owner, the game is one of the best I have played for the play-station. And still to this day I am playing the game to death. The game is very hard to find, but I managed to get 4 copy's. the graphics on this game are dazzling and so colourful, the story is amazing and the gameplay is the best it makes full use of the six-axsis when capturing fantasy creatures.
    If you get this game you will not regret it

  3.  Best spiderman game to date


    In this game you don't only play as the amazing Spiderman, but as 4 different Spidermen. Noir spidey, spidey 2099, black suite spidey and the Amazing spidey. The game-play for each spiderman is unique which gives the game a much more diverse play through, the story is a simple one, you have to collect all the pieces of a tablet that was broken at the start of the game. The graphics in the game are rather good and again the graphical look of the game changes with each spidy, but the look of all of them are splendid. Give the game a chance you wont regret it, I give this game an 8.5 out of 10

  4.  masterful


    Modnation racers is one of the best D.I.Y games on the market, like little big planet you get to design your own levels and creations, you also get to design your own character's and cars. The reason this title is much more applicable to kids and adult's alike is because the creation process is much easier to get to grips with it isn't at all frustrating. The single player part of the game is very exciting and fun, there are some hard tracks, but you can beat them by using the weapons that are scattered across the track to claw your way back to the top and so much more, this is a must buy for if you want lots to do and lots to create. When you buy this title you will be glad you have got a" PLAYSTATION 3".

  5.  love it


    The game was good and looked stunning on the xbox 360 but , the ps3 version is as i know going to have a little bit more of a punch as this game will be running on the new mass effect 3 engine. So it is going to look a lot better than previously played XBOX 360.

  6.  sweet


    In this game you play as the original prince of Persia which in my eyes is good, on the other hand the game has many good points and few bad. The good points, this game looks and feels very good to play the environments you play in are very good, from Arabian nights settings to beautiful dream like states also the platforming is some of the best iv'e ever seen. The bad points, the combat in this game let it down I wasn't overly impressed with that, the story wasn't as good as expected but, all in all it's a really good game; You have enough gamplay and enjoyment to pull you through to the end

  7. Mafia II

    Mafia II


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     you talkin to me


    Mafia 2 has to be one of the best Gangster games I have ever played,the story of the game is very well done and presented, however there is a huge city to explore and not much to do; As in there are no side quests or shops to customise the look of your self which really disappointed me, It is just a very story driven game. The look of the city is stunning and also the character presentation is also very well done,but there can be quite a lot of frame rate drops and screen tearing other than that It's an amazing game, the vehicle solution in the game is one of the best out there. I recommend this game to any gangster film enthusiast or any seeking a fast paced action packed game title as long as your 18 and over.

  8.  amazing


    in this game you play as kratos the revenge driven spartan, as you may know the series is one of the most popular out there, but this game by far is the most amazing game available on the market you will not be dissapointed with this, it is action packed storydriven bloodfest of revenge and chaos from start to finish. graphics are so good as the story is to, your jaw will drop from the spectacular character design and enviroments this a must have on ps3, i give this game 10/10.

  9.  Really good


    This game is the best car simulator iv'e ever had the privilege of playing, the graphics of the tracks and the cars are amazing and also the controls and the way the cars handle feels so good. The one thing I have a problem with is the fact that there's not much new about it, I would of liked it more if they had mixed thing's up a bit, what really bothered me was the damage on the cars the thing is I could not see any damage on the car I was constantly bashing; But apart from that I recommend this game to any car fanatic or serious gamer.

  10.  Good but old


    initially the game is good and the multiplayer is superb, but it's essentially the same game as the last 2, with different settings and scenarios. The graphics are good and the gameplay is good, but it's still the same, as you go through the single player campaign I found it to be a little bit to hectic as every single level you play is full of explosions every step of the way. All in all the game is good but theres to much going on I give this game a 8.5 out of 10