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  1.  An all time great!


    This title can stand next to the excellent Watchmen, The Dark Knight, and The Killing Joke. It really is THAT good.

    Frank Miller writes the definitive Daredevil story which we see the total destruction of a superhero by the hands of his enemy The Kingpin. A dark, gritty tale of betrayal, revenge and rebirth.

    David Mazzucchelli is a superb artist at his superhero peak here creating a moody atmosphere to match Miller's urban story.

    I have read this story over and over for more than 20 years. A must buy for anyone with the vaguest interest in Marvel.

  2.  Okay film, good BD


    Missed this at the cinema and after watching this last night, was glad I didn't make the effort. A nice idea, but one ripped off from the excellent Toy Story when Buzz is convinced he is an actual Space Ranger, rather than a toy. Here we have a dog who thinks he has powers. While I have no objection to a good idea being copied, this film lacks that little bit of magic from the Pixar great. Its still a decent film and one kids should enjoy. I just don't think this will be fondly remembered in years to come with the warmth as other Disney animated films made in the last decade or so . The BD picture is excellent and I do love the fact Disney have thrown in a dvd copy too.

  3.  Bland


    This is the perfect example of a comic book movie by numbers, its biggest crime, its just a little bit too dull. Liev Schrieber is the highlight as Sabretooth, while Jackman puts in another decent performance as the title character. I'm a big Marvel fan, and can be very forgiving, but this film lacked good set-pieces and suffered from too many rubbish mutants. The very good Bluray picture also shows up how poor some othe CGI is in the film. Wolvierine claws looking a little too fake at times. An instantly forgettable film.

  4.  Nice picture, terrible film


    Seriously. I can't think of worse sequel than this piece of junk. I'm a MASSIVE fan of the first Transformers, and like (some of) Michael Bays other work. But it really AWFUL. Stupid characters, inane dialogue, a terrible script and lay directing add up to the most disappointing film I have seen in years. While the Bluray may look excellent, you just can't polish a turd. AVOID.