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Product Reviews

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  1.  Good but not the best.


    If you're looking for a cube to learn how to solve this will do perfectly.
    For the speed cuber however this cube cannot cut at all and is very stiff. The proper application of lubricant does loosen it up considerably but it is still not favorable.

    The benefit of this product will depend entirely on what you're purchasing it for!

  2.  Amazing!


    This is an amazing film following early events of Bruce Lee's life.

    Do be aware that this is not solely about Martial Arts, this is a film about Bruce Lee. If you're able to understand and accept that you will enjoy this film. All of the negative reviews I've seen for this movie have referred to the fact that the Martial Arts content is minimal.

    Basically if you're a true Bruce Lee fan and you're curious about his early life, this is the movie to watch.

  3.  Does the job.


    This does the job and fits perfectly. I now currently have it on an iPhone 4S, I just had to cut out the volume button hole a bit.

    After a while, around a few months, the silver on the buttons has begun to fade exposing the white plastic underneath. This isn't a big deal but it might annoy some people.

    Overall for the price it's a great buy.

  4.  Good but...


    This is truly a great item. It's soft, cuddly and has a good weight to it.

    Unfortunately the item becomes unpleasantly damp when heated via the instructions.

    Besides that this item is well worth the cost.

  5.  Amazing game, well worth the cash


    Mass Effect 3 is the third game in a trilogy. The game builds upon the events of Mass Effect 1 and 2 like no game has done before.

    There has been a lot of talk about the ending and I'll agree that it was unsatisfactory but the game itself as a whole is still a 5-star product. Do take into account that Bioware are attempting to rectify the ending with an 'Extended Cut' DLC pack that will be released for free quite soon.

    The soundtrack is amazing, the combat is amazing, they've added more guns, you get to see new planets/species that were not fully introduced, a lot of things are wrapped up...

    It comes down to if I'd recommend the game to someone or not and I most certainly would, no question about it. The fact that so many people are in an up-roar about the ending just shows how deeply engaged the game had people within the story.

    Buy the game, support Bioware.