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  1.  Pleasantly surprised


    I was bought the second book for my birthday so thought I ought to read the first one first. I was a bit skeptical about 'real life' fantasy as I'm more into fantasies set in different worlds but i absolutely LOVED this book!!! I read it in a couple of days and had to start straight onto the second one. Would definitely recommend!!

  2.  Ok


    I was bought this book for my birthday at the same time as Hush Hush. I read Hush Hush first and as the story lines sound similar I was worried i wouldn't enjoy this book. However I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I wouldn't say the characters have the strongest personalities and Luce does get a little annoying but its a very addictive book that I had to keep reading! I feel the same about Torment but have bought Passion and its next on my list of books to read, it will be interesting to find out how it all started and how it will all end!!

  3.  A* very enjoyable.


    Enjoyed this book very much. Was very easy to read and gets you hooked from the start. The history aspect is very interesting but not overwhelming or boring. Well researched and written. Will be recommending to friends!!

  4.  Thoroughly enjoyed!


    A lovely, well written book. Mystery, a bit of history, tangled love stories, enough to keep you interested the whole way through. If this is true across all her books I will definately be reading Kate Mortons' other books!!!

  5.  A****


    An amazing sequal to Pillars Of The Earth. Set in the same town but many years later you get a real sense of empathy with the townsfolk with their trials and joys. Again, as with Pillars of the earth its quite gruesome in places but well worth the read.

  6.  Atra du evarinya ono varda Shur'tugal


    Acually got a little teary when I finished this book! Throughout the books I feel I have watched Eragon grow up, shared his triumphs and failures and willed him to succeed. Certain parts wernt as dramatic as i would have expected but Inheritance is a fitting end to an epic journey. A lot of loose ends were tied up and a few unexpected romances blossomed. Farewell Eragon and Saphira, and well done Christopher!!!!

  7.  Sadly disappointed


    A review on the book said that 'Danielle Trussoni is the new Stephanie Meyer'. Im afraid I strongly dissagree!! I found this book very hard to get into as I found it quite boring and the characters a bit nothingy. They were no way as interesting as the Twilight characters and not as relatable.
    The history aspect was quite intereting but it did not add to the story line at all.
    It ends as if there may be sequal but I would not rush to read it.
    Sadly would not recommend.

  8.  L.O.V.E it!!!!


    Absolutely loved this book. The beginning was such a refreshing change from the usual follow on sequals that it immediately drew me in!! I dont find Nora as annoying as other 'heroins' which is also good. Will definately be a book to re-read.

  9.  Even more intrigue


    Very good book, loads more action, loads more twists, bring on book 5!!!!!!

  10.  Best of the series.


    This was my favourite book of the series so far, there are a few more characters introduced and so many more twists and turns. Two of my work collegues have also been reading ths series and would reccommend it so with 3 out of 3 positive reviews i think it speaks for itself!! Being the 3rd book you feel like you know the characters fairly well and their feelings seem even more real.