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  1.  cheap for 32gig


    32gig is handy for me for storing windows 7 hdd image in case i want to revert it back to when i first got it. transfer speeds averaged 10.4 MB/second which is normal for usb flash drives. It comes formatted in fat32 so only takes seconds to quick format in windows to ntfs. Reports as 28.8gb.

  2.  Included USB3.0 lead bargain


    Just ordered this so will review later but not seen these sell with a USB3.0 (which is USB2.0 backwards compatible) anywhere else apart from play.com.
    They sell these on play as a seperate package with just a USB2.0 so makes sense to go for this USB3.0 one.
    Personally Iam going to buy a esata lead also as my laptop has a esata/usb2.0 combo port so it should provide enough power and fast transfer speeds untill laptops start coming with a USB3.0 port.

    Update: yep it's a good drive. Got new written on the box so backs up what I was saying about play first place to sell these with usb3.0 lead (saves a tener buying it seperately). So it's future proof out of the box.Now just wait for esata lead to max up my speeds from 25 MB/s to 80 MB/s.

  3.  Xbox 360 controller to laptop Blur game heaven


    The driver for this is built into windows 7 64 bit so installed after a bit of googling and mouse clicking in control panel. Worked straight from the off for my Xbox wireless controller on my laptop playing Blur game, vibrations included.

  4.  £11.99 sweetttttttttttt!!!


    What can I say but what a game.Got it on my Xbox but now so addicted got it for my laptop too. I use my xbox wireless controller with a Microsoft Xbox 360 Crossfire Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows (they sell these on play also) to play blur multiplayer on laptop.

  5.  Nicely Nicely!!!


    Great show, that's why it's got to season 6 and still going. Goes to show the brits do comedy like no other.
    On this double dvd are-
    * Deleted & Extended Scenes (1 hour 13 mins 42 secs)
    * Outtakes (7 mins 16 secs)
    * Being Roger Muchmore : Part 1 : The Voice (4 mins 15 secs)
    * Being Roger Muchmore : Part 2 : The Look (2 mins 50 secs)
    * An American in Salford (9 mins 54 secs)
    * Sean Lock - Who Are You? (1 mins 11 secs)
    * 63 Days of Ideal (2 mins 42 secs)
    * Trailers [Trailer (1 mins 32 secs) : Teaser 1 (24 secs) : Teaser 2 (24 secs) : Tv Spots]
    ASPECT RATIO : 16:9
    MAIN SOUNDTRACK English Stereo DD 2 Channel
    FEATURE LENGTH 227 mins approx
    REGION 2+4 Colour PAL UK
    SUBTITLES English for the Hard of Hearing

  6.  Xbox RCA Optical Lead needed for 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround!


    Had these just over a week now.Excellent 7.1 Dolby Digital (DD)surround sound when you connect direct to an Xbox RCA Optical Lead.If you connect instead to the "TV Optical Out", to watch TV when the Xbox is Off you only get Dolby Pro-Logic II (DPLII) for Gaming or TV programmes (Xbox doesn't pass on 5.1 through the HDMI Lead). So to get the full 7.1 DD you definitely need to connect to an Xbox RCA Optical Lead directly. Then though no TV sound unless you keep swapping the Optical Lead from Xbox to "TV Optical Out". Unless you do it by Analogue Phono on the X41 and your TV, but most TV's don't have "Analogue Out" (and again DPLII for gaming not 7.1 DD). So you might need a "Optical to Analogue Converter". The X41's have Optical as main source then when this is Off , Analogue.
    Just a heads up for those that want TV and Xbox with out the constant need for Unplugging the supplied Optical lead.

  7.  Faster access than USB Flash Memory


    Glad the price has come down from the release 30 pounds.
    I tried saving my game saves on my 8 GB Verbatim flash Drive (thanks to XBL new update) but found speeds better on these official memory units.Hope this helps.

  8.  RROD Saver I hope.Best bundle deal anywhere good old "Play"


    Just bought this great pack. My only niggle is why has the Super Elite Black lost Final Fantasy in its bundle and been replaced with rubbish "Crackdown" as compared to Super Elite white? Apart from that Happy days and fingers crossed no RROD.