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  1.  500 DOLLA!!!


    brilliant feel good comedy, could cheer you up at the worst of times. I thought this would be aimed at kids and younger teenagers but it wasn't. You should definately give this film a watch if you're wanting a laugh, you'll love the 500 DOLLAAAA!!!!!!!!!! scene.

  2.  finally a movie that proper scares you


    this was one of the first movies i'd seen in years that actually left me scared. which is quite a buzz if you're looking to feel like that now and again. Some parts are typical horror scenes where you know whats going to happen, but other parts are completely unexpected and really frighten you. The build up of fear is great, and what makes it scarier is the fact it's all based on real murder cases put together (read them on wiki before you watch the movie)
    I am glad i bought this movie, I definately will watch it again

  3.  a must see


    I've had this film for years, I can remember watching it as a young boy and still I can watch it and laugh everytime. It's one of those feel good movies, also it shows a good bit of the Ibiza clubbing scene. Everyone will enjoy this film in some way or another, especially if you like films like It's All Gone Pete Tong. Buy this film!

  4.  Let down


    let me start by telling you that I buy lots of DVDs from this site and have often ignored bad reviews and just went ahead and got the DVD, but I wish i hadn't ignored these ones! the film dragged in to the point my girlfriend fell asleep and I was left wondering when was it going to get to the good parts? maybe I had wrong expectations but i expected some violence and action of some part and a great story, but it turned out just weird and boring the whole way throughout. I can honestly say this is about the only film I've got that I'll never watch again.

  5.  perfect


    As most people have said before me, rivals the Breakfast Club!!
    I wasn't even around in the 80's and love this film, excellent teen movie. A must buy for anybody. The bar scene is brilliant.