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  1.  Better Than Expected


    I have been debating about this game for some time and with the reduction in price decided to take the plunge.

    For those wanting flat out action I would avoid but those wanting a bit of turn based strategy, its is great.

    Graphics not the best but game play for me is fantastic.

    One word of warning, as soon as you personalise your units and name them you all of a sudden become more attached and battles become that much more complex as you try to save your leveled up units.

    If you are still debating, don't, buy it.

  2. Portal 2

    Portal 2


    5 New from  €24.41  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €29.98

     Very Surprised - Excellent Game


    Let me start off by saying I never played Portal, not sure why, it was a game that never appealed.

    I traded Black Ops in against this as I was more intrigued than anything and just wanted to try something over the bank holiday.

    Absolutely brilliant, an excellent game howver I am struggling to describe what game it is like.

    My advice, put the kids to bed, wait until the othe half is out (or watching a long TV program), open a bottle of red and then just sit back and get your head ready.

    Really easy to get into but the puzzles soon ramp up (turrets do spoil it a little for me but I admit they do add another element).

    If you want flat out action look elsewhere, definately a thinking mans / ladies game.

  3.  A great game for the kids


    Very surprised by this game, it has a lot of great content and has an excellent two player mode.

    This is probably the best game I have found on the PS3 to play with the kids, my girls are over 8 and they [do love it and need little guidance when playing.

    The little man (3) loves to ride Bullseye around the town but mainly in a big circle. As a guide I think this is best for kids between 5 - 10 but a great game to play with them.

    If your buying solely for the move, I would look elsewhere.

  4.  Great for fans but try before you buy


    I have always been a fan of the Mortal Kombat gameplay however I have also been aware of its differences with other games (Street Fighter).

    I love this game and can see myself having a lot of fun with it. The games mechanics are easy to grasp and some of the harder combos will take time to master, my main niggle (and it is only a niggle) is that it just doesnt seem to flow as smoothly as other fighting games (but if memory serves me right, it never actually did!)

    If you like the series you will love this game, its back to the roots and it does it with a lot of style. Those wanting another Streetfighter may be best to look at Blazblue or wait for the new DLC to come in June as play style is different and will take a bit of getting used to.

  5.  Good But Not Great


    I have put a lot of hours into this game and I can honestly say it was worth the purchase however, I feel the game just feels unfinished.

    The front end (lobbies, map selection, squad invites) is very poor and really think before downloading the map pack as you just get stuck in the one map and have to exit to the menu.

    I have had more fun with this than the recent Black Ops but dont expect it to live up to the hype.

  6.  Guitar Hero 5


    I have just returned my Rock Band Beatles for this (due to the fact that my kids knew none of the songs).

    Whilst these games are starting to become a little stale, this is definately the best (and most accessible) title in the series to date. The servers have been down today so unable to download the update to transfer the GHWT tracks but as a stand alone product the track list is quite varied and a must buy for those who are either new or just starting down the route of plastic peripherals.

    This will probably be the last full product I purchase (may buy the Beatles again when it comes down to £20) but looking forward to extra DLC.

    Happy rocking !!

  7.  A Must Have


    Bought this game for the PC a few months ago, machine struggled to run it but still got me hooked. Only reason I purchased a PS3 was to play this smoothly and at full spec. I have been playing games for over 20 years and quite simply this has re-kindled my passion and fun in video games.

    On line for the PS3 is far less troublesome than the PC by the way and the games are considerably more stable.