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  1.  @ itsalive


    "50% price drop just a few days after release speaks volumes about it."
    So where did you buy your copy? I paid £19.99 when I pre ordered it months back!!!

    As for the game- Miles better than ARMA2, easier to control (less keys), game play is great, dedicated servers for multi playing will be coming very soon! Doesn't need a massive spec PC to play it.

  2.  So glad I bought this over the ipod!


    First off- As I have come to expect, Play.com did the business! I ordered this player late on the Tuesday afternoon and it was here first thing on Thursday morning! I just wish Play had a price match policy with the 'other' well known on-line store and then they would get all of my business! Play.com is much faster at dispatching your order and are always my first port of call when looking to buy!

    The player- It's so easy to use; you just plug it in via the supplied usb cable (which also acts as the charger) and just drag and drop the folders that you want on the player! There is no need at all to use the supplied software if you don't want to.
    The size of the player is great to, not too small that you can't use the buttons, yet small enough to easily slip into your shirt pocket.
    A mate of mine has the ipod and he actually said he like my Sony player better! I agree with him, it looks more stylish!

    The in-ear phones supplied are very good quality and sound superb; however, I use my Sennheiser PX220's as I find they are more comfortable over long periods of time! Again these combined with the player produce superb sound.

    Battery life- FANTASTIC! The first day I took it to work I played a load of albums, when I got home I went to charge the player up...I didn't need to, it was still showing a full battery!

    You have a choice of EQ setting on the player which are- None, Heavy, Pop, Jazz, Unique and two Custom ones which you can edit to your own taste.

    The video playback is also good considering the size of the screen; I found the easiest way to convert video was by using SuperC with a video scale size of 320:240 and an aspect ratio of 4:3, you can alter the other setting to change the end file size.

    The player has an auto standby mode (to save power) if you pause or stop the player, after about 25 second it shuts itself down, as soon as you touch any button it immediately start back up where you left off.

    I think that people on here that try to put this excellent player down are just disgruntled ipod owners who wish they had bought this player instead of their more expensive ipods!!!

  3.  Far better than expected!


    When I first saw the price of these headphones I didn't think that they would be much good! How wrong was I!?!?

    I use them with my Sony Ericsson W950 and they are fantastic.

    Sound- The sound is much better than I was expecting and far better than the headphones that were supplied with the phone.

    Comfort- They are very comfortable, sitting down, walking around, bending over, moving your head from side to side are all fine. However, I wouldn't like to try and jog with them on, as they'd probably fly off!!!

    Practicality- You can do everything that you need to do by using the buttons built into the headphones ffwd, rew, stop, play, vol, power on-off etc. This means that you can leave your phone in your pocket/bag/ etc.

    If your phone supports voice dialing, you can even do that through the headphones! As they have a built in hidden mic!
    If you get an incoming call whilst listening to music, the music stops and you hear the ring tone, you then just press the side of the headphone to answer the call! Once the call has finished the music automatically starts where it was stopped.

    Build quality- What you would expect from Sony! Very good.

    I would highly recommend these headphones to anyone who is looking for a cheap, reliable, well made pair of bluetooth headphones to use with their mobile phone.

    I hope that this review was helpful!