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  1.  Good and depressingly realistic


    It would seem that british horror/thriller films really surpass the ones from the USA. This film had me feeling repulsed by the violence, simply because it is so realistic, as opposed to the glossy slasher flick.

    Eden Lake tells the story of a couple just looking forward to a weekend away to relax, but are exposed to a group of yobs who realistically reflect the society live in today.

    The film is well made and you can relate to the main charactors of Jenny and Steve (how many of us have witnessed or been in a situation where you are comfronted by a gang of chavs?)

    However, the film is quite brutal in terms of the violence - although I wouldn't call it scary, it did have me feeling depressed by the end of the film.

    Having said that, the subject matter explored here IS a depressing subject and uncomfortable to watch, so I guess the film has done its job of hitting home and showing the extent of youth and gang culture in the world today.

    A good film in terms of fullfilling its goal, and very well made...just don't watch it if your already feeling down!

  2.  Not bad


    If you are easily offended then give this one a miss. Its graphic with the sex and drug taking. The acting was pretty average except one charactor who tells the story of what Donkey Punch is - what an annoying moron with no talent!

    The film isn't scary, and it has the whole element of films like Adrift and Dead Calm, and I did guess from the first 10mins who would die and who would survive.

    Despite all this, the film is still watchable and you know a situation like this could quite easily happen when you mix sun, sex and drugs on what appears to be a holiday where anything goes.

  3.  Pure Fun


    This is the first book from Aidan Caine about the loveable Famouse who after eating cheese at night, dreams of being famous.

    This story is charming, imaginative and funny. A book for all the family, not just kids, with many jokes about current affairs which everyone can relate to.

    Join Famouse as he meets well known stars and TV personalities while on his quest to become the most well known house hold name in the world.

    Just magic!

  4.  A Real Gem


    Although this book is classed as a childrens book, adults will love it to.

    This is the second book in the series and the best in my opinion. Famouse is a mouse who after eating cheese, dreams he is famous and in the public eye. Its a charming story, which made me laugh out loud many times.

    All the llustrations are drawn by the author and there are some amazing drawings towards the end of the book of many stars from Michael Caine to Lewis Hamilton with the lovealbe Famouse.


  5.  Twilight great....every book that followed - poor effort


    Whilst I will probably get a severe backlash for this review, the truth needs to be told!

    Twilight was a pretty good book, if a tad gushy in places (even my GF agrees, so its not just me being male and getting irritated by the romance stuff!) The books that followed were not as good but had some redeming qualities when they picked up now and again but nothing can save this book!

    The series is too long - the charactors are just not that interesting to sustain this over long borefest. I ended up bored of the constant mood changes of Edward (happy/angry/sad/happy again in the space of a page. Bella is nothing but a selfish looks obsessed teenager (seriously, how many more times can the writer use the phrase 'his marble...god like...angel ....blah blah blah...face/skin' etc?! Buy a Thesaurus love and stop repeating yourself.

    Then of course there is Bella's relationship with Jacob. The constant 'battle' of whether she loves him as a friend or more is more fitting for the classroom than a book. its just tedius not to mention boring. Then of course there is Edward and Jacobs bantering (yes i get the whole werewolf/vampire hatred thing BUT again its just annoying as all the writer seems occupied with is to keep going around in circles with unoriginal material)

    Then there is the whole idea that EVERYONE fancies Bella (right from the first book the writer touches on this subject). If I knew someone like Bella, as soon as I found out she was this self centred, self obsessed bore, I would run a mile. Seriously,the girl needs theropy.

    Meyer seriously needs to stop thinking like a pre-teen and give her readers more credit. The whole 'its not you, its me, its my fault' Bella is more fitting for an episode of Gossip Girl.

    This book is over long and just boring beyond belief and I confess I skipped some pages with frustration. I dont want to spoil any of the plot for those who still want to read it but i cant stress this enough when I say DON'T BUY THIS BOOK! Get from your local library and don't waste your money.

    I'm a writer and I am shocked that such american dribble is allowed to even be considered, let alone published.

    Buy Twilight and enjoy it. Go and see the film in December if you like But avoid this book at all costs.

  6.  A mash of movies in one


    Yes its stolen ideas from Mad Max 2 and 3. Yes its got a mix of Escape from New York, and yes its like 28 Days Later...not to mention the 'Reaper' virus title sounds familiar (Blade 2 anyone?) yes it may be predictable and far fetched and some of it just funny.

    Yes we have seen it all before - the ravaging killer virus, a goverment bent on containing it, the fiesty heroine, soldiers as indesposable assets, questions like 'how come they seem to have an endless supply of petrol in abandoned Scottland after decades of no outside world contact?' and that all important car chase...

    ...BUT Doomsday is a great film!

    If you like your films fast, action packed, full of gore, and you like the films I already mentioned above then 99% of you will like this movie. Good film for a Friday night in with your mates - just don't take it too seriously. Worth watching for the car chase at the end if nothing else.

  7.  A strange one


    This film is quite a strange one. Its comedy in its blackest forms which will not appeal to everyone.

    I enjoyed the film but couldn't help but feel a little depressed at times but the film does inject the comedy well and in the right places.

    Both Colin and Brendan play their parts very well which is further enhanced by Ralph Finnes hilarious dead pan face when delivering his very funny lines. The sets are nice and the script is well written with its intriging plot and ideas and the black humor is worldclass.

    Definately worth a watch.

  8.  Just SOOOOO wrong!


    Everything about this film is dire.

    Poor acting with too many charactors who you didn't care about. Waffer thin plot they seemed to have stolen from Resident Evil 2 (the goverment need to contain the incident...lets drop a nuclear bomb on the town!) with a female army soldier who was a charactor rip off of Lt Vazquez from Aliens (although to be fair she was the only one who seemed to be kicking alien butt)

    The whole film was too dark to see anything, so most of the action wasn't viewable and unlike the first Alien V's Predator, neither the predator or aliens had any 'personality' (who remembers the 'Grid' alien from the first one? One mean alien with personality!)

    In short this film sucks worse than Keira Knightly trying to play a leading lady. Save your money and buy the first one which was better by miles in terms of value for money and entertainment purposes.

  9.  Poor LOTR rip off


    I agree with the review below - they seem to have spent most of the money on the big names and even they can't save this film. Matthew Lillard over acts his way througout the film. Jason Statham is miss cast as the 'hero' who finds out his birth right (predictable) and Ray Liotta is also quite bad in this film, which has so many over tones of LOTR its laughable!

    However...the film did start to improve slightly towards the second part, which is why I am giving it 2 stars. The effects were fairly good for a budget film and John Rhys Davies and even Burt Renolds held their own in terms of acting.

    Good if you have a few people over on a Friday night with lotsof beers...otherwise give it a wide birth.

  10.  Boring, boring and BORING!


    I had high hopes for this film and sadly I was left feeling robbed of my money within the first opening 20mins of the film.

    Firstly there is no music throughout the film. Any director knows this is film suicide! The whole point in music set to a film is to add atmosphere, and move a story along etc not to mention convey emotions. The lack of music left me feeling very bored by what was happening on screen.

    Action - there is none to speak of. Any chance there was to show a full shoot out was ignored. The scene where our lead actor finds the money being the worst offender.

    You also have to question the dynamics of the charactors as well. Josh Brolin finds this money amongst a sea of dead bodies and not once do you see him even react to the fact there is a huge bloody body count around him or even the fact he has just found $2 million! Just an average day in the Texus outback then. I must have missed that when I visited America last year.

    Tommy Lee is irritating....as usual and the ending was just pointless (much like the previous hour and whatever odd minutes)

    There were too many questions left unanswered and this film fell almost the opening scenes. Rubbish. Save your money.