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  1.  Has something all games need!


    Got Space Marine two days ago, it is a really good game. this is coming from someone who has gone off shooters almost completely due to how samey they all are nowadays (COD, Battlefield, Halo etc..). I played the demo and i thought it'd be worth buying, and how right i was, i've been playing lots of multiplayer and i'm very happy with how it works, it seems well balanced, the customisation is very good, lots of different armour types and as far as im aware all of the paint colours available from GW. the only complaint about multiplayer is the two gametype modes, which are Seize Ground (Domination for all you COD players) and Annihallation (Team Deathmatch). both of these modes puts you in control of either a space marine (3 different classes, normal foot soldier, heavy gunner or air assault) or a chaos marine (same classes different names). I feel it could do with one more game mode maybe, but obviously its better to have two decent ones than three mediocre ones. so i'm still happy with it anyway.

    Now onto singleplayer campaign, i've played about 3 hours of this campagin so far and i like it a lot, it's a bit gears of war esque, but that i feel is just cos its a third person with big armoured men running around with guns. There is no cover button, cos frankly you don't need it, you just roll away and evade for a second to get your armour back online. the campaign's story is everything i expected it to be, it has a great absorbing storyline, the opening cutscene was brilliant, like it was a genuine movie. The graphics themselves are great in the cutscenes, i'd give them an 8/10 ingame, just because of the fact that when you kill an ork in the execution mode it doesn't look convincing, and there are only about 3-4 execution animations per each weapon that can be used for executions which is a bit disappointing. Plus there's a few other little things about the the graphics which are nothing major whatsoever.

    So from what i've experienced so far in Space Marine, i feel it is the start of a new era of 3rd person shooters, i think it could get just as big as gears did when it first came out. But all of you people who think its instantly a nerds game because it's based on the models and strategy game, think again. if thats your reason for passing this up, you're seriously missing out.

    i give this game 4/5, only just missing out on 5/5 because of silly little things really.

  2.  brilliant game, not godly though


    I bought this last week, i only bought it because it was 20 pounds from a mass retailer and i needed something to play as was bored of my other games. i personally didnt like fallout 3, but this has gripped me a lot more, i don't know why but theres something so good about it.

    it's got all the classic RPG features, lots of interaction with NPC's, levelling up and improving your stats and perks, a lot of combat along with a few more puzzling elements when working stuff out. one let down is the extensive amount of walking, i mean in a post-apocalyptic wasteland theres seems to be a lot of broken cars, surely with a high repair skill you could eventually build one?

    as mentioned in other reviews it DID have some glitches, but with the patch that was released just about all of them are gone, the only thing i experience occasionally is a bit of lag as its such a large open area, but for some reason it does have a hell of a lot of loading screens even just going into a little house, whereas when you're walking along the wasteland there is none it just lags for a few seconds.

    but overall i recommend this if you're a fan of RPG's and you enjoy other titles such as Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, and all those sort of RPG's.