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  1.  joy in a box


    ok so i go this as a present and after reading the reviews i dint know if this was a waste of money or not. but after receiving this i can tell you it is volume 1 and 2 of seasons 1 and volumes 1 and 2 of season 2 and fits perfectly inside the box great for any glee fan out there. 4 dvd cases 16 disks 2 seasons

  2.  hooked from here ..


    i was 10 when i caught the ending of this anime on my tv i did not know its name or what it was about but i loved the animation and hand-drawn backgrounds. 6 years later iv found it again and it is exactly how i remember ever since i watched this movie properly iv been hooked with ghibli and other animes like bleach ... get this movie brilliant story and animation

  3.  day of the doctor ... what more can be said?


    i watched this movie in the cinema in 3D. it blew my mind! watching it in 2D after seemed to be less of a mind blower. i really enjoyed the movie and dont get me wrong i love doctor who more of a old episodes fan but this 50th anniversary wasnt all i was thinking it would be. i loved the complex story the humor was just great but it all seemed a bit ... i dunno . i expected daleks, cybermen. the silence and at least something to do with his death. i was a tiny bit let down but this movie is still a really great addition to any collection worth buying but maybe wait till its 3D first. other than that i would of liked it to have been on a little longer 1 hour 40 maybe ?

  4.  another book ... another two volumes deeper.


    the walking dead . a very addictive comic book . i assure you with book six things have not even begun to kick off yet. as strange as it might sound this book has a stronger plot than others. im not saying it is better than the governors story-arc but it marks the beginning of a whole new chapter or the walking dead. well two to be precise and after reading this intense book i cant wait to get my hands on book 7

  5.  its ... Order Time


    season 1 consists of 26 episodes each lasting about 10 or 11 minutes . running for about 3 to 4 hours this dvd is worth the money especially with all the comedy and adventure thats on each episode. the reason i have not gave it 5 stars is because you could probably watch the first disk in about a hour and after watching it you will find yourself re-watching episodes youv seen already . and if you want to do that why not just watch it on cartoon network ... re-run central

  6.  not the best season but its building climax


    i was really looking forward to this season because it had more episodes than the others . getting through the first 4 disks seemed like another bleach boxset something is happening but we dont know what yet. the bounts are roughly introduced through-out 2 or 3 episodes. the majority of disks 5 and 6 are of ichigo and his friends trying to stop the bounts and having some cool fights in the process. but the last disk only marks the beginning of a new story. as ichigo is proven to not be ready to fight bounts yet. and with all the filler episodes this season summed up ... it doesn't need to be as long as it is. you find yourself watching the episodes thinking there on a repeat but still this season is worth getting for any collection and still has the most amount of episodes so if your bored one day you know what to watch . i must also give this season credit for doing a good job at building some climax even if it is little . the last disk made it really easy for me to want season 5.

  7.  worth every penny almost


    family guy season 12 has 23 episodes almost double what season 11 had and for 20 pounds its worth buying. it features some classic episodes such as " back to the pilot" , Leggo my meg-o , mr and mrs stewie , amish guy and viewer fan mail 2. alongside these episodes are hilarious adventures in which the griffin family take part in. it isnt the greatest season of family guy but then again everyone has there own opinion. and for a season consisting of 23 episodes i give this a 4 stars or 7/10 . 7-8 episodes per disk and a good variety of episodes .

  8.  a great edition to the collection


    with every movie comes a sequel and "pokemon : 2000" has earned the right to be called the second pokemon movie. with the first movie being a animated phenomenon. the second movie had a lot of work to do if it was going to be as good. im happy to announce " pokemon : 2000 " has met these expectations and has delivered yet another fun filled , action packed adventure youl want to watch again and again.

    not only does the movie take you on an adventure with our favourite trainers ash , brook and mistey ,. it also has that spark of comedy and drama which pokemon is all about. you get to see some great pokemon battles in this movie and i guarantee you will be hooked within the first 5 minutes. without ruining the full plot and ending here is a brief description of what the movie is about.

    a pokemon hunter has tracked down 3 legendary pokemon. and trys to kidnap them but ash and the gang can not let this happen so try to rescue the birds before hand. this is not all of the plot but its the basics.

    i reccomend new pokemon fans to maybe play a game or two or watch the series or the first movie before sitting down to watch this.

    and old pokemon fans who have loved the games and movies since they were made you will love this movie it will bring back so many memories and good times.

    buy this movie its worth it and its enjoyable every time you watch it ! 10/10