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  1.  Bad, Repetitive, Short and absolutely no replay value


    Along with many Remedy fans out there, it seems I was waiting forever for Alan Wake to be released, and I couldn't be more disappointed. If someone told me that this game took 1,5 years for them to make, I would definitely believe them.

    The good: Not the best but pretty good environment graphics (not the character models though) and that's it.

    The Bad:
    - One of the most repetitive games I've played this generation. There are essentially 3 enemy types in the whole game (actually there are 5 but the other 2 appear 3 times in the whole game). There is one small one with an knife that takes 2 revolver or 1 shotgun shot to kill, one big one with an axe that takes 4 revolver or 2 shotgun shots to kill, and a chainsaw one that takes 6 revolver or 3 shotgun shots to kill. That's it. No bosses, some tables and stuff that fly around and birds that look like they came out from a pg-13 horror movie. There are also 2 weapon types in the whole game. One revolver and a shotgun (actually 3 types of shotgun but they're essentially the same.

    -Last generation level design. In 90% percent of the game you just walk through a forest path. In 90% of the game you just have to get somewhere but the path is "blocked" so you have to "find a way" to get there and you have to go around a whole mountain to do so. Many game use this level design but not in the same extent that Alan Wake does. In a 6 episode game, when you have to do this AT LEAST 3 times in each episode, it just seems that the developers had to make this pretty short game a little longer and they drag you through the same forest and path graphics all the time just to fill the time.

    -Laughable character animation and lip sync. For a game that's been in production for 6 years the production values are just not there.

    -Short, linear and no replay value. You can complete this game, with a lot of exploration in under 10 hours. It's extremely linear, there are no side mission, and you can't stray from the path that you have to take. No stuff to unlock and once you're done, there'a absolutely no reason to come back.

    -Lacking story and emotion connection to the character. Alan Wake is not a likeable character. You'll establish no connection to him whatsoever. Also it has a LOT of plot holes and stuff that just don't add up. Also for a game that describes itself as a psychological thriller, it's pretty laughable. Imagine you're watching a horror movie. You get scared in the first 5 minutes, because there are some good scenes. Imagine now that you have to watch these scenes again and again for 2 more hours. If you watching the same thing again and again it stops being scary, it just gets boring.

    If you still don't believe me do yourself a favour. With no replay value just rent it for the weekend. You''l have no problem finishing the game in 2 afternoons. If you still think than it's good, or that you'll want to play it again (no way) then buy it. My advice is to keep your hard earned money for something better.