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  1.  Perfect Phone


    I have had this phone for just over a week, and can say its by far and away the best gadget i've ever owned. Putting this into context in terms of phones, i've had an HTC Desire, a Desire HD, and an Iphone 4, and it blows them all away. Its rather like comparing a Ferrari against a Ford Mondeo, its that good.
    The phone looks and feels great. And yes its not as stylish in terms of visual appeal as say the iphone 4, with its lovely metal body, but hey i'd prefer lightness and thinness to anything else, especially with a phone of this screen size. I had an HTC Desire HD, with the 4.3 inch screen, and metal casing, and you definitely knew you had it in your pocket, this you don't. And its built really well, doesn't creak at all, unlike my HTC Desire HD.
    The speed of the machine is unreal, and lets face it, it should be, as its faster than quite a few pcs and laptops. It takes everything in its stride, especially HD movie playback. I've run a blueray rip of Avatar on the phone, and it runs perfectly,which amazed me. I also have a DNLA TV, and it works perfectly with the phone.

    As for the camera, its great, as is the video.

    Oh and it actually works very well as a phone, the reception is great, and sound quality is excellent.

    I am quite shocked that reviewers haven't proclaimed this as a revolutionary phone, and stated that it's simply the best phone out there, I mean period, and by some distance. It does everything very well, and has no real weakness, and for that alone its a winner. What else do you want from a phone?

  2.  A big let down


    I bought this thinking as it has come from HTC themselves it would be a high quality product, just like their phones. Well it isn't, I have used both protectors and still aren't happy with the results. The 1st issue is that the cover is supposed to be custom made for the desire. Well it clearly isn't as it has a small hole which I think was to cover a mic, and a shape in the cover which doesn't match up ot the desire at all. I think this is a cover made for another phone, and it just happens to kinda fit the desire. And while I do agree it goes on quite easily and does have a good feel to it, it is very hard to get the edges perfect without air bubbles. Hopefully they will soon make these covers what they are sold as, custom made for this phone.