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  1.  Incredible movie


    First, I saw this in a film festival, so I can't attest to the quality of the DVD version - just the movie itself.

    This in an incredible movie. It's unlike any I've ever seen, though I've heard it's similar - even parodying some older movies. It's amazingly funny. I wouldn't suggest watching it if you have a weak stomach - the violence is over the top. The story is interesting, as long as you don't try to take it too seriously. The characters are great too - particularly the main villain who is one of the most outright evil villains I've seen.

    As long as you don't mind gore, violence, nudity and if you have a good sense of humour, I highly recommend watching this.

  2. Korean



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    Adequate as a tourist's phrase book, but it can get a bit confusing if you try to use it as more than that. A lot of the situations there are language for, are likely to confuse the user without knowing more Korean. For instance it gives a few examples of expressing views on politics, but no mention of how to understand a response - not that most people would talk politics in a language they don't know. It also only gives a few options on what to say.

    One positive in this book, is that is has a nice 'language tools' section, which describes the sounds of the language and writing.

    This seems like a cross between a tourist book and the beginnings of a book for someone who wants to study the language. If you want to study the language seriously though, I'd recommend an actual textbook (and lessons if possible) for that. If you want to use it as a tourist book, you might want to go through it beforehand and mark useful sections, so you don't spend too much time looking through politics, romance, religion, art and so on. It does have more useful sections for health, shopping, numbers, travel and more tourist-type language.

  3.  Mixed bag..


    First, I'll mention the price. At the time of writing, this is 35 pounds in the high street and 25 pounds here - definitely worth the few days waiting for delivery.

    I've played up to chapter 3 and so far, the description of 4-5 hours per chapter is complete exaggeration. I've been trying to explore everything, even out of the way optional places and I'd still put it as 2-3 hours per chapter.

    The voices are all in English - unfortunately only the English PS2 version only available in the US also has the Japanese voices. The voices vary between really good and bad (often due to exaggerated accents) but not terrible. The music is great throughout though.

    One note to make is the controls. They're confusing at times, but usually fine. It often throws you in with no explanation, but after the first chapter you should understand them. There are some awkward parts though, like not obviously marking a certain area where you need to go to get to the next area or not mentioning how to land on something. The exploration parts are fine though.

    The storyline is quite cheesy overall, but there have been some good character-centric storylines so far.

    If you like Sakura Wars in general, you'll probably love it (if only for the chance to see Sakura again, if briefly). If you like anime, you should give it a try and you'll likely like it. If you're not much of an anime fan, maybe rent it first. I do find myself wishing they translated the first Sakura Wars instead though.