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  1.  We love this movie


    We love Tangled, best Disney film in years. Buy it, you won't regret it!!

  2.  Versatile, intelligent Smartpen - essential for studies


    Bought this Pulse Smartpen to assist me in my University studies - it has now become indispensible, I can't live without it! Using the required dot-paper, I can write out my lecture notes by hand onto the paper whilst recording audio from my tutor. It's then easy to tap onto the paper later - onto your handwriting on the paper - to hear back the audio which you were writing along to. In other words, you will "never miss a word" (their catchphrase!), because you can listen back to the audio and fill in any blanks in your notes. Then dock your smartpen (the dock comes with the pen) and it will automatically upload your handwritten notes and the audio onto your PC, where you can share them/store them/print them. The only flaws are that because the pen's microphone is really sensitive (it picks up peoples' voices extremely well and clearly), it also picks up the sound of your pen whilst you're writing. So sometimes when I play my notes back I can hear the sound of the nib writing on the paper rather than hearing the tutor's voice clearly! If you use the headphones that come with it though, and just place the headphones by your shoulders and you get a clearer sound as the microphone picks up audio better. Another flaw is that although you CAN print your own dot-paper, instead of purchasing it, you will need a "special printer", and even though my printer cost me a lot of money, it isn't able to print the dot-paper out. Another thing is that the pen DOESN'T convert your handwriting into text, BUT you can purchase a reasonably cheap app (20GBP ish) which converts your handwritten notes to text, well worth buying if you want to circulate your notes but have scruffy handwriting. I would definitely recommend this pen if you're a student or meet with clients regularly or have to attend meetings - you will soon wonder how you ever lived without it! I now can rely on the pen to ensure I have no mistakes in my notes and no information gets missed out. I love it!

  3.  Great


    I already had a Pomeranian when I bought this book and it's great for grooming tips etc. I also used this book for a second time when I was looking to buy a Pomeranian puppy, it was helpful in directing me where to go to buy one and how to care for him. Great book which is simple to read with diagrams and easy instructions. Would definitely recommend.

  4.  Awesome


    Arrested Development is the funniest TV show I've seen, well worth buying, not many people know about it especially in the UK but it's brilliant.

  5.  Best album!


    I LOVE this album, big fan of Lady Gaga and after loving her first few singles I bought The Fame and then this, this has got some amazing tracks, I would say this is one of my favourite albums.

  6.  Perfect


    Bought this for my iPod Touch as I didn't want the back or screen to scratch, fits perfectly and can still access the home menu button with it, great looking, soft leather, keeps it all protected. Great product.