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  1.  Guy below doesn't get it.


    This figure IS NOT from Halo 'combat evolved' anniversary, the reviewer below is clearly mistaken. 'anniversary' is merely the name given to the series in celebration of 10 years of Halo, and it was unfair to give this figure low stars for something he didn't understand. However it's a great figure to revisit to further the ODST collection, the only reason I didn't give it 5 was that they should have considered making this figure when they were making the rest. Not a year later in some random series of mix and match figures.

  2.  Going down hill


    I feel the series of fable games are getting worse, Fable 1 was an amazing game, Fable 2 was an alright game that i didn't enjoy much and now Fable 3 is a pretty awful game. Fable 3 is so different from the other games it's not even fable anymore, they've even taken away the health bar and leveling! why would they do that?! Co-op still isn't very good and my friend hated it because there's hardly any action and you can just fast travel from one place to the other so you just go back and forth talking to some guys and thats basically what alot of the quests are about and i agree, it's pretty boring. I haven't even bothered to finish it, but i am close, because i just can't, there's nothing drawing me in, it's just so slow and there's no decent action.

  3.  short, easy and repetitive, but in a way fun


    This game ruined the force unleashed series, the first game was a huge success being the best selling star wars game ever but this just shouldn't have been made or even thought of. Starkiller died at the end of the first game so how could there be sequel? that's right - a clone, a stupid idea to begin with.The game is far too short and the story doesn't go anywhere because it's so cliched, Starkiller basically goes through the whole story looking for his girlfriend Juno and that's it. The gameplay and graphics are exactly the same as the first so there's nothing new to it and once you've done it all in the first force unleashed it can get seriously repetitve. You also have no powers anymore so you simply have to buy them all back and there the same as the first game's powers too, how boring. One issue i also had was that Kota is supposed to blind but he stupidly holds your hand thoughout the entire game telling you what to do and even comments of visual stuff, a tutorial all the way through? i think i have the hang of it by now thanks. But i have to think about both sides of the argument so i'll admit i enjoyed it slightly because i loved the first game and the combat can be fun but only because it's so incredibly easy. To conclude i'll end with saying "if your already in a hole, stop digging" so what i mean is, please don't ruin the series anymore then you already have by making a third game !!

  4.  Great


    This figure is another giant from the bioshock line and once again the detail is amazing. The reason i have not given it 5 stars is the articulation, the legs cannot move as wide as in the picture because of some weights they have placed at the side of the body above the thighs which means you would have to break them off to get them as wide as in the picture, so that wasnt thought out very well. I know it was done for realism (weights used to weigh him down in the water in the game) but the placement is not great for the legs. Amazing figure though and well worth the money.

  5.  Outstanding


    This figure is massive and is one of the biggest i have ever purchased, it also has outstanding detail and even comes with its huge rivet gun and backpack. The articulation is not great, dont expect to put him in any other positions except standing, but when he is this detailed that is not a problem. Amazing figure and worth the value.

  6.  good but not great


    I already have the little sister so i was a bit annoyed i had to buy another for Eleanor Lamb in this 2-pack, but the detail is fantastic for such a small figures, i have always been suprised with the amount of detail on the little sisters, standing only 3 and a half inches tall. Good 2-pack but not worth 11.99 because they are only small, especially if you already have a little sister.

    I also know they are bringing out another little sister in the next series which will feature a red dress instead of blue so you should keep that in mind when thinking about buying this, i mean, how many little sisters do you want?