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  1.  A un-original attempt by treyarch again.


    Okay let me start with the Pro's of the game:-

    - The story is unique, it has good twists and turns within the single player campaign with a few additional variety of missions not seen in previous Call of duty games. Such as Controlling a boat, flying helicopters manually etc. It adds a bit of variety.

    -The zombie mode is back, and it's a lot better than the previous game, it has 4 new characters with the addition of the previous characters too.


    Single Player:- Though earlier praising the unique difference in variety, the story is extremely short, I find myself beating the game on regular after 5-6 hours, then another play through on veteran extending too around 7 hours.

    Multiplayer:- Though the game answered many fans wishes, by removing commando and weakening the "Noob tubes" it lacks an unoriginal approach, they basically copy and pasted Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer, and changing a few of the kill streaks too technology of the cold war and leveling system. It feels like a small attempt at really bring the series too a new light.

    Graphics: for me it fell short despite many things happening on screen, with effects, enemies etc. while remaining a good frame rate. The graphics drop below the standard set by MW2.

    Conclusion: Though they made some variety within the single player campaign but fell short as the campaign was short.

    Zombie mode is a great laugh on CO-OP with friends, and should provide great moments.

    The multiplayer lacked spark and felt like there was no difference between MW2, a part from "noob tubing".

    Though if your a new gamer too the call of duty games, this game will definitely give you a BLAST!

    For gamers that have played the likes of Modern warfare 1 and 2 as well as World at war, would expect a ton of variety after modern warfare 2, but falls short. 2 (STARS)

  2.  We all realise the child within'


    First of all this has to be one of the most lovable game I have ever played, It brought me back to the days of being a young child again, using my imagination to create my own unique levels that only I could dream of when I was a kid.

    Now let me say the Pro's of the game.
    -The graphics of silk and very smooth
    -The use of color in this game changes today's modern brown, green and gray games.
    -The unlimited amount of levels can be played via the PSN (Playstation Network), that many people consistently update levels to.
    -This is not a game, this is your game, create the things you want and get feedback from the littlebigplanet users.

    -There was only one true con for me and this was the storyline, it was very weak, but in terms of the single player levels themselves, it makes up for it, well designed levels and clever techniques used.

    Overall a fantastic change to the gaming community and a chance to show the world what you can create from your mind. I would recommend this game anyday of the week at a price of 39.99, but for 17.99 YOU cannot go wrong! ***** (5 STARS)