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  1.  bloody scary


    love this film its genuinley very scary its much better then the first one thers alot more going on. the end twist is brilliant i never saw coming.highly recommended dont be put off by the subs its well worth it.

  2.  absolutley brilliant


    love this fim, one of the scariest films ived watched in a while, theres a scene in the first half that made me scream in fear!!!!! i know some people thought the second half was not as good but i have to say i loved all of it. i highly recommend this film especially if you like paranormal activity (but its much better then that)

  3.  boring


    really disappointed with this film you dont see any aliens till right at the end theres no tension or build up, its just about a couple who meet and try and cross the border together. no action , no fun

  4.  a little gem


    i was expecting some evil exorcist type film. but it turned to be completely different and a lot better then expected the story was really good i cant say too much without giving this away. the actress who played dorothy played her different characters really well and theres something guinenly creepy about her.
    really enjoyed this film. not a full on horror more of a msytery chiller? . give it a go

  5.  worth a watch


    it says on the cover this is the best horror since scream i wouldnt go that far, although it was still a good slasher and could watch again

  6.  brilliant old skool horror


    if all you want in a horror is loads of blood and killings then stick to films like saw. if you like a horror to actually scare you then watch this. this is a film that builds up tension and is atmospheric it has a cold creepy feeling , this actually made me jump and put me on edge, the ending just leaves you thinking WHAT! and wanting more.

  7.  boring


    what a let down not alot happens just a few friends hiding in there apartment looking out the window the "aliens" are more like robots. at the most i would say rent this. i would'nt pay more than
    a fiver for it.

  8.  another great carey film


    i love this film its really funny and jim carey and ewan mcgregger are brilliant in this. The ending was brilliant if you're a jim carey fan you wont be dissappointed.

  9.  scary


    this is much better on blue ray as the sound effects are much sharper making this a very jumpy film. this film will keep you guessing with its twists and turns, and is actually quite scary when you think about the situation. a good phsycological thriller/horror

  10.  an all round good thriller


    This film has a solid plot and keeps you gripped all the way through. the acting is good and its shot really well, and theres a few little twists in it, i really enjoyed this and would recommend.