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  1.  interesting story even more than the actual game


    this is an interesting movie, I havent played all the games, only the first and third one... but the story in this i have to say is more interesting than the game, it fills in the gaps, it shows different points in times almost as though reading through chapters. The Japanese animation has done the Halo franchise a great job.

  2.  wonderful phone


    This is a lovely phone, it has bluetooth, MP3 and supports MicroSD, it has a good quality 2MP Camera, and great battery life. Very good build quality.

  3.  No Nonsense phone - Totally worth it


    This is a very good phone. These days most of the new phones are all about touch screen. I owned a Google Android and have the Latest iPhone... but to be honest those phones are a more of a distraction for me.

    This phone is no-nonsense. It has all the features which you actually need... bluetooth, camera, SMS/MMS and of course phones were made to make phone calls not waste time and money on apps. It has a decent quality 2MP camera, and comes with games.

    The screen is bright and colourful, and lights up when the phone rings. iPhones etc have become boring and standard now, everyone has one these days. This phone is a real looker, it grabs peoples attention and doesn't look like a poser phone.

    This is a very stylish model, not ugly like the Nokia and Samsung alternatives within the same price bracket. It has some weight to it, and doesn't feel as though it was made out of cheap plastic like other phones. It has a nice feel to it and it is very affordable. I would have paid more for this, well worth it.

    This is the real no-nonsense business class/personal phone. Highly recommended 5 out of 5.

  4.  The best sci-fi since Independence Day


    Battle LA is an Epic movie, it doesn't mess around and babble on, it gets straight into the thick of the action. I found myself glued to the screen right from the beginning wondering what the creatures are... I could see inspiration from games like Resistance Fall of Man on the PS3 and COD.. the visual effects were genuinely stunning, it didn't rip off other movies, it delivered something new.

    It could be the best sci-fi movie since Independence Day! I wanted the Movie to continue for longer, I'm looking forward to a sequel.

  5.  very funny zombie movie


    this movie is inspired by shaun of the dead but is very different and much funnier.. the characters are interesting and the rules of survival are just hilarious lol

  6.  so funny


    i have never laughed so much before... brilliant movie ever!!!

  7.  Exceptional Performance


    The most gripping story i've ever seen, it brought tears to my eyes.

  8.  Spectacular!


    Not only is it one of the most entertaining and exciting movies out of Hong Kong for many years; Ip Man is a bona fide martial arts classic.

  9.  A Great Addition to the Series


    The traditional martial arts in this are excellent, the movie is a prequel to the events in the Ip Man Movie, so it's not Donnie Yen, but he does look remarkably similar and fights really well. And it was good to see Sammo in this and some other exceptional fighters.

  10. 2012



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     Good movie, Deserves more credit


    I cannot understand why many people rated this movie so low? they compared it to The Day After Tomorrow.. but the stories are entirely different. They are DIFFERENT in their own way! DAT is based on severe Climate Change. But that effects only parts of the world, There are ways for humans to survive. This movie is based on the Ancient Mayan Civilisations predictions for the date 2012. The emissions from the Sun has an effect on the earth-core which leaves practically nowhere for any type of species to survive. The fight for survival is much more intense in this movie.

    I'm a big fan of DAT, I watched it 3 times! but 2012 definitely brings alot more to the table... in terms of Visual Effects, the unique story, the way the Characters all tie in with one another. Yes, there are some miraculous escapes, but it's a movie.. if they made it 100% realistic all humans would be dead. That wouldn't make it a fun movie to watch now would it?.

    Movies tend to do farfetched things sometimes, thats what makes it interesting and sometimes even funny... i laughed so much when I saw them land at the right place at the right time, but thats what makes it entertaining too. If they died, that wouldnt make it much of a story.

    I put off watching the movie, because of the bad reviews for such a long time... but after I watched it, I thought it was much better than people had given it credit for... just watch it, and you might just be surprised.