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  1.  A work of art


    When i recieved my playstation move controller i held it in my hand and felt at one with it, its perfect. Then i got some demos off the store and now i am addicted, the wii had its day but the playstation move is something special. Buy this now, no doubts needed

  2.  Dedication needed


    This game rocked my look on racing games, but it made be angry that you could not progress as easily as other racing games, the kiddieness of this game is a nice touch but id like difficulty levels and a quick race option, i traded in my copy in the end

  3.  Brilliant


    I own many ps3 games and get rid of some for others on a monthly basis but i cannot bring myself the rid of battlefield bad company 2.
    cod6 had all the hype when this came out and it still got 5 million players. online on bfbc 2 is a whole new experience, boom and the wall and the three teammates next to you go up is a ball of smoke and flames, the gaming world needs these kind of innovative shooters.
    I believe thats why bfbc 2 is still number 11 in gaming charts (at time of writing) the weapons and kits online are amazing, sell cod6 to get this because you wont regret it.
    The campain took around 4 hours to complete but is compelling enough to do again.
    EA have created a masterpeice of a game worthy of every award availiable for a fps.
    I reckon this game will still be played in 2 or 3 years
    BUY IT!!



    As the title explains this mobile is AMAZING the aliminium body is so sexy , it is beautiful and so fast at tasks, The iphone is a loser now its taken 5 editions to get a decent camera with the iphone.
    The android mobiles have beaten the iphone with almost all specs.
    The gps is brilliant.
    If you want an Iphone killer that rocks buy the htc legend