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  1.  money well spent


    for 40 pound this is amazing you get a story of 10 hours plus and horde 2.0 which offers alot more than the horde in gears 2 and actually makes you want to play it and beast mode, which is ok but no the best. and of course you have the multiplayer which has kept me playing for hours and not to mention that it is an epic end to such a great series. iv write this review before the game come out because i was lucky enough to get it 5 days early. BEST 40 POUND EVER SPENT, there is also arcade mode for story witch lets you put mutators on which includes big heading locust s and flowery blood and so on there is a mad amount of content for this game ild recommend to any1 with an xbox 360. 10 multiplayer maps as well with dedicated servers and sooo much more

  2.  OMG!


    i was put off this game by the difficulty. I seen in videos of this game and just thought na aint worth the stress but then i brought this limited edition of the game and gave it a try i found it very hard but if you are struggling you can summon help from other users on psn. The GREAT thing about this black phantom Ed is that you get a guide so if you dont have psn then you can follow the guide that is very in depth and easy to follow. my fav game for long time.

  3.  okish......


    i think this game has some potential but the ai i find is very stupid e.g there was an enemy talking to another enem while looking at each other and i went up behind the one of them and i done a silent kill and the guy who was talking aswell as looking at the guy i just killed carryed on talking and then walked by a door and said hmmmmm intresting at the door. i am about 2 acts in and the good things about this game are the way that you can choose ur mission and depending on how or who you speak to can change the mission entirly. the other bad thing about this game is that the crosshair is just ugly.