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  1. MAG



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     amazing game with okay servers


    ok so the game itself is really good
    but make sure you have a good internet accsess if your internet is just ok you WILL lose connection a lot
    if you have a good connection this is a must buy as the game itself is great

  2.  If you dont play multiplayer


    then dont buy this game as the story is weak and not very fun
    the only reason i gave this 3 stars is because i know how much fun the multiplay is but if you judge the whole game then this really is not up there with the rest of the games out this year
    only buy if you love online play

  3.  Its The Best Again


    see i loved the original starcraft so when this game was announced i was unsure about it but after playing it i have to say this is one of the best games out there right now if your a fan of RTS or sci-fi games then this is a must buy

  4.  Its Okay


    like i said its okay nothing special just a standard MMORPG
    the only issue is its strangely addictive to most people i was not one of these people and found it hard to get in to at the lower levels
    i have heard it gets better later on but i really couldnt take the grind of trying to get there
    if you like talking to people you dont know and doing the same 4 quests over and over then get this game
    but if your easily addicted to things then DONT buy this game as you will be stuck on it for years and it will drain your life and your money away one of my smartest friends failed collage because of this game it really not worth it

  5.  From The Beta


    wow where to start this is one of my most loved series coming to a close and bungie sure is making it go out with a bang the beta of this game was the most fun i have had with a game in a long time
    its a must buy for and halo fan
    and a must buy for any FPS fan
    buy it now you wont find a better game this year

  6.  Its The Best But....


    don't get me wrong this is the best console out there.
    but I would make sure that your getting one the new shipments otherwise it will fry its own brains
    they have fixed this now but if you get one that's from 2008 or below it has a big chance of getting broken with in a short amount of time

  7.  Buy This Now


    this is the best sword and magic game ever its a huge its packed with side missions and it will keep you going for a long time.
    its only problem is it sucks the hours away

  8.  Still Going Strong


    this game is still up there with the very best games on the xbox 360
    and it is over 3 years old now if that's not a good game I don't know what is.
    I played it and it was a lot of fun
    I still play it now online and its great fun with a few friends its a must have for FPS fans

  9.  Not Worth The Money


    now I'm not saying this is a bad game but its just to short
    and if your a long time halo fan like myself then you will have already brought the map packs this game gives you meaning that this game will be worth very little to you
    should have been a download but still fun for a few hours with some friends

  10.  Not Worth It anymore


    well now you cant play halo 2 online these maps are not worth getting unless you plan to play a big LAN game with you and a few friends still worth looking at if you are though because these maps are a lot of fun