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  1.  Great - Clear temperature drop


    This cooler is the first that has had a significant impact on my laptops temperature (dell m1530). Most coolers have fans that direct air to specific spots on your machine, where this machine spreads it across the entire underside of your laptop.

    Temperature change was as follows:
    (First temp is without the cooler the second with the cooler fan on it's middle setting the third temp with the fan on full speed.)
    Cpu1 = 45 - 29 - 28 (difference 17 degrees)
    Cpu2 = 49 - 32 - 30 (difference 19 degrees)
    Gpu = 62 - 48 - 47 (difference 15 degrees)
    Hdd = 38 - 28 - 28 (difference 10 degrees)
    Motherboard = 48 - 32 - 30 (difference 18 degrees)

    The effects of this cooler on my laptop were pretty much as suggested by cooler master.

    Fan noise:
    Slow fan speed results in very little noise, something you will struggle to hear over the background noise you get at home or in the office
    Middle fan speed is a little noisier, you will hear it over the background noise, but it is no worse than noises from the laptop like the hard drive and cd-rom.
    High (full) speed setting, it is something you would not want to listen to constantly in an office/home office environment, it is plainly audible over most every day noise.

    Use slow fan speed if you are using a laptop for office type work (email, typing, browsing) your machine won't be kicking out a lot of heat anyway and the fan won't disturb you.

    The middle speed seems to be the best compromise between cooling and noise, personally i will be using this setting for everything except playing games, as the extra cooling will really help and the fan noise will be lost behind the sound of a hail of bullets anyway.

    My test was done while using the laptop as i do everyday, browser, media player and photo editor open and in use.
    Note the cooler had no real impact on my battery life, presumably because the internal fans are doing a lot less work.