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  1.  Tiny but mighty


    This really is a pocket phenomenum!

    It's about the size of a standard yo-yo & has a really great output - it won't shake the walls or anything but perfect to fill a living room / bedroom with a comfortable sound level.

    A great adaptation

  2.  Mind bending!


    A twisted tale spilling from the mind of a man into & beyond the cosmos!

    Superbly drawn in black & white, the story telling is compelling & ever shifting between the world we see & what really lies behind it.


  3.  Falls short


    A book of two halves - sadly the first half is slow & hard to enjoy.

    Fortunately it does pick up in the latter stages, slowly morphing into a semi-enjoyable werewolf saga. Patchy in places & drawn out at times however it does mix myth & ledgend well leaving a good little story.

  4.  Better than the original


    It is a rare & beautiful thing to find a re-make of a film adaptation of a cult foreign book, but here it is!

    If you havent had a chance to watch let the right one in then you actually dont need to. This film has it all, it captures all the tenderness & frail beauty of the original with the graphic & brutal horror you might expect from a technical Vampire movie.

    Mortez & Mc Phee are amazing. Brilliantly shot & superbly crafted

  5.  Don't let it pass you by


    Sadly I was a late comer to this series as it wasn't shown on any othe prime TV channels (why?).
    It was brilliant, great premise, good horror stories & weird twisting back stories. Granted everyone's pretty & convieniently set for TV but it's not a problem here given how well it's made.

    A quiet surprise that hopefuly will get due recognition

  6.  A bit wet in parts


    I'm a huge fan of Lindqvist, his ability to keep the painful, sympathetic human element in all is books is still clearly evident here only spread out through a vast story.
    In parts a truly beautiful story of a parent's worst nightmare, harrowing & mournful fused with a supernatural twist.

    Sadly I did feel the book went on a bit, delving in a bit too deep with some of the back stories leaving all the best chapters long waited for. Fortunately the final chapter builds to a wonderful crscendo if only a bit too overdue.

  7.  deep chill


    A subtle but haunting story.

    A perfect setting, great story & painfully human - the tension is slow but constant & eerie. I could really picture the environment & love the idea - I think it would make a great cult film.

    Not one for action or gore but if you want a persistent feeling of unease it comes layered through this story like the falling snow.

  8.  yawn of the dead


    Careful you don't fall through the plot holes in this monstrosity.
    A seemingly random array of pointless scenes otherwise made purely for 3D & even then they're not that spectacular.

    Barely a zombie in it, the ghouls aren't explained as to why they are suddenly 10ft tall with a hammer etc. Fans of the games will recognize scenes but will be left extremely disapointed

  9.  a bit alien


    Not Richard Kelly's finest work but then who could top Donnie Darko?
    Sadly this film lacks the layered quirks in it's charectors as provided in abundance with DD. Though not without its elements this film does tend to meander along a bit aimlessly.

    Interesting, twisting but without the intense grip of his previous work

  10.  biting back


    After countless vampire garbage flung about these days it was good to finally watch a film with a good take on an old classic villain.

    Gore & action served up in full flow, some interesting turns and overall a good watch - suprised it didn't receive more accolade.