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  1.  Skyfallen....


    What happened to all the gadgets and girls ,great car chases and unbelievable villains living on remote space stations etc..
    Bring back the Golden Eye days , it is now just like the Bourne identity films ,if you want it for collection ok,the franchise ended after Quantum of Solace titlles closed which was a much better film ,2/10 for trying to be a bond film but so disappointing in so many areas .

  2.  Avengers (mmm)


    Although this film has some great moments ,Hulk 2008 and Iron Man one are far better movies ,they have more depth and you can laugh when you want ,not when youe supposed to as in The Avengers,no real use of Paltrow and RDJ was the only real presence throughout film ,takes far too long to get going and then its at best Transformers meets Hulk which is best Character in film, i would expect the Mavel book to be much better read ,Spiderman for me still is the best adaptation to screen as has more People relationship film making essence, Only scene i remember is Harry Dean Stanton ,Good but not that great ,6/10

  3.  Panasonic Blu ray


    Blu ray player looks good but is it quite? answer no ,but no where near as loud as sony blu ray player (you can hear a fan noise plus disc pitch noise ) will see how it settles down or will have to put it in cabinet out of ear shot otherwise ok machine ,plays disc clear as blu ray should be.

  4.  Silent Hill


    This film is creepy and Tense ,Great Images especially the triangle head thing ,scary dark film ,didn't even know this was a video game as never heard or played them anyway ,so good direction and casting also effects fantastic , acting was good for this type of genre too and main character you feel for the woman being chased ,buy it.

  5.  King of the Hill


    Spanish Wolf creek! cross Eden lake !!!
    I loved this film as it has the same tension of wolf creek /Eden lake ,Great acting and scenes are well laid out,its believable and has you guessing all the way ,wont give plot spoiler on review ,toward the end the element of a video game emerges through script with some camera angles but it holds its own ,the female role is brilliant as she is such a mystery as to who she is ? ,you will never look at the great out doors again the same 9/10

  6.  The Wolfman


    Universal Studios claw back a Legend! as your waiting for the Transformation scene you think that nothing will touch American Werewolf or Van helsing but when his teeth crack open and gums split making room for wolf teeth its in the bag ,heads roll and backs are ripped off ,great set pieces and story stays true and has nostalgic feel to the original classic from universal, this would look really good in B/W too ,has everything you want from a were wolf movie 10/10