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  1.  memerising


    I've watched this film several times already i still find it very captivating, highly entertaining..i was not aware of spains history as i found it very interesting..i loved Rob's character Dali he was so amusing and quite often made me laugh, loved the chemistry between dali and lorca they made the screen sizzle, i don't mind seeing two men kissing i thought it was beautiful to watch.. i still managed to shed a tear at the end ,...all in all a very good movie

  2.  Rehvenge's mine


    Although Rehvenge is not a warrior he is a very loveable funny character and one of my favs the things he say's make's me laugh out loud, it's a big book there's alot going on..still very Romantic,sad charming..Lash still being a pain in the neck...fab reading..

  3.  Superb


    In my view highly enjoyable phury and cormia didn't half make me laugh...lovely series!

  4.  Fabulous


    To be honest i was going to skip this as i didn't like butch at all in the begining i'm so glad i made myself read it now i love him how did that happen?...it's one i'm going to enjoy reading again...

  5.  Brilliant


    I really enjoyed vishous story i wasn't his biggest fan to start with but J.R 'S writing really turned it around, love V and Butch's relationship it's very sweet and endearing, the ending was something i wasn't expecting strange and sad, all in all very good.

  6.  Brilliant


    This is another excellent book from the Black dagger brotherhood series.... i found this to be hilariously funny and extremely sad my heart really went out to Zsadist a former blood slave..he's very traumatised , angry vampire.....needs to be read!!!!!

  7.  Excellent


    I've read this twice already i love it i'm definitely in love with Rhage,this is were he comes across a humen called mary he falls in love with her,Rhage and his band of brothers are still at war with the lessers who are there enermy and want to exterminate the vampires, mary is ill and has no time for romance,it's still has plenty of action bloodlust, romance, sex, heart-warming, wards attension to detail is amazing, keep your hankies ready for this one
    it's a real tear-jearker....

  8.  Highly Addictive


    Dark lover is the first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and what an excelllent start, it's beautifully written,introducing Wrath the leader soon to be King and his band of vampire warriors Rhage,Tohrment,Vishous,Zsadist,Phury,Darius, love the banter between these guys, Beth is Darius's daughter who is half humen and soon she's about to transform into a vampire but tragedy strikes, the book is beatuifully written, very sexy,erotic,action,endearing,emotional it's got the whole package.
    Warning it's quite gory and detailed sex some people might take offence to.....Best buy in order....next book lover eternal

  9.  Beautiful film!!!


    Lovely well written film which is rare these days, Rob did an amazing job with his character the chemistry with allie his girlfriend,aiden flatmate and that cute little sister caroline was spot on, the film deals with tragedy,loss,bulling,terrorism not your typical love story definitely take your tissues with you!!!...Tyler is nothing like Edward in twilight different character altogether!!!!!!!!

  10.  Highly Amusing


    It's Late 18th century france...Georges Duroy doesn't have a very good job well he's practically starving,untill he bumps into an old mate from the army who gives him a job has a journalist from here he starts to climb the social ladder to get to the top he doesn't mind how he does it,seduce,blackmail....the women just love him as he loves them!!! he's not a very nice character, quite devious,charming hilariously funny had me in stitches quite a few times i would definitley recommend this fab book!!!