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  1.  Like nothing else...


    I read a lot of books, really, sometimes it's scary.. I usually read them and move on pretty quickly but this one stuck with me, it's only been a few months but I already feel like reading it again, and cannot wait for "Walking Disaster"! Please read it, it is so good, and different from most other romance/young adult books :)

  2.  Loved it!


    Second book I've read by Rachel Gibson, and it was just as good as the first - maybe even better? Maddie is cynical, doesn't believe in the "one" and likes to say "shit" - but you'll love her! Gibson knows how to break your heart and get it steaming hot all in the same book - best chick lit I've read lately!

  3.  Steaming hot!


    This is the first book I've read by Rachel Gibson - certainly not the last! Read it all in just a few days and was sorry to see it end so soon. I have already ordered another of her books - I just finished this, this morning ;)

  4.  another side of Christie


    very short, very simple, but a must in any Christie collection

  5.  Quite a hidden gem


    If you loved Jane Eyre and want to read more from Charlotte Bronte, I would recommend starting with this - before reading Villette which may seem like the more obvious choice. Villette is quite heavy reading whereas this has the feel of Jane Eyre and Villette but isn't quite like any of them. The story is a little hard to get started with, there's a lot of whining in the beginning, but the rest is worth the wait - a very sweet story. I did, however, feel a little strange about the last 20 pages, they seemed somehow to go beyond what we want as readers.

  6.  Beautiful!


    I can't remember how I found this - but I'm glad I did, it was wonderful! Lydia is lovely and so are both the women and men in her life! Loved that miss Bailey didn't end the story the first time Lydia kissed Mr Right - like in so many other chick lit books! A great holiday read :)

  7.  Best Chick Lit I Have Read In A Long Time!


    This is the first book I have read by Julie Cohen - but most definitely not the last! I loved it pretty much from the word go. All the characters are lovely - you can't help liking them, even Norman at times ;) Just read it!

  8.  Expected so much..


    Hm.. I must say that I prefer the movies to the book. I don't know if it is the fact that I have watched the movie and the mini-series so many times that I practically know the words by heart but somehow this book seemed terribly dull to me - and I did not care for the illustrations in this edition either

  9.  Austen at her best!


    I had just read Persuasion when I started this one and was expecting a lot - I was not disappointed; Catherine is absolutely lovely if a little naive at times. Henry and Eleanor are so sweet, and General Tilney is really scary. I prefer this book over both Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility - which I both found a little dull

  10.  My favourite Austen!


    This is my favourite Austen book.. I don't know excactly what it is that makes it so much better than the others, it just is - it seems deeper, more heartfelt than the others which tend to make fun of things which aren't always funny.. I loved Anne from the word go and of course Captain wentworth is to die for - the letter he writes to Anne is probably the most beautiful words I have ever read!