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  1.  Excellent!


    Tom Hanks as the train conductor is superb. If you don't have a 3d tv but plan to invest in the future then buy this whilst it is available at a decent price too. The graphics are superb just what you expect for 3d and my 7 year old daughter loved it!

  2.  Superb Comedy!


    Sophies Parents die in a car accident and it is left to two opposites who had a disasterous date who get the job of looking after her which is easier said than done! Trials and tribulations abound with some hilarious results. Parents can relate to the goings on in this comedy! Sophie the baby is, in my opinion, the star in this.

    Some excellent songs on the soundtrack add to the film!

    Highly recommended buy!

  3.  I hope it's worth the wait!


    This live compilation CD would have been released back in 1996 but they disbanded instead and so it didn't come out unfortunately.

    That aside, this should be an excellent CD!

    I am giving it 5 * because there are so many Soundgarden classic tracks and having seen them on the 1996 Tour at the Barrowlands i can certainly vouch for their live skills.

  4.  Excellent Clarkson!


    If you know Top Gear then you should know what to expect from this blu ray offering. Excellent entertainment, even the race he is in at tthe end and the race to get the car ready is entertaining!

    The drawback for me is that the digital copy can only be used if you have a Windows PC which is a downer as i was looking forward to watching it on my portable media. So beware if you have a Mac as you won't have that option! :-(

  5.  Superb!


    A new visual experience has been breached! This is my 1st 3D blu-ray disc and the picture quality is simply mesmerising!

    Jim Carrey stars in the superb adaptation of a well-known theme. Disney have come up trumps!

    It also comes with a digital copy (not 3d) so i can play it on my iPod Touch or iPhone. Marvellous!

    Next up... Alice in Wonderland 3D!

  6.  Excellent!


    Not a big SG fan, having bought the original film only. Didn't like the other spin-offs. But SGU bucks the trend. An excellent series, a slow-burner if you like with to me, a more adult theme which appeals. Robert Carlyle plays Dr. Rush who has the job of trying to fathom out how the ship (Destiny) works. However, the military presence, along with other sub-plots keeps you interested right to the end. Can't wait for series 2!

  7.  Not brilliant but...


    Has plenty of potential!

    Some of the characters are a bit wooden and i wondered if they were acting or really that is how they are! ;-)

    Based on the Terry Nation novel this up-to-date re-imagining looks at what life would be like should the planet be decimated by a virus. Unfortunately for me, like others, this 1st series is too short unlike the original series.... The cliffhanger was so obvious though.. too many times did they show the main characters video of her searching for her son...

    I do wonder where the 2nd series will go and things can only get better so they say.

  8.  Steven is back!


    But this time with a difference on the killing theme!

    However, we don't see much of our hero in the 1st 30 minutes.... Nearly all scenes are very dark on my tv so it is quite hard to watch and a lot of the action is very blurry as the camera tries to keep up with the slasherfest/action. Our hero is tremendous with his weapons as usual so if you go down any dark alley make sure you have Steven by your side!

    Not Steve's best film but one for his fans and it may appeal to horror officianados too!

  9.  Molly Hatchet at their very best!


    Not the original Hatchet line up although that doesn't take away anything from this superb live CD! You will hear (in my opinion) the best version of Freebird outside of Lynyrd Skynyrd! A superb cd that i still listen to today, every track is pure class... A must buy cd from the (now) Southern Rock veterans. I hope they have a new cd in the not too distant future as it is well overdue!

  10.  Excellent return however brief!


    Why do the yanks always 'can' good/excellent tv series just because some 'bigwig' who unfortunately holds the purse strings decides they should? The 2nd (mini) series was only brought about through fan power but that didn't last long!

    The potential shown by this 'survivors for the noughties' was not allowed to come to fruition in my opinion.

    A second series cosisting of a mere 7 episodes now what is that all about? Pathetic!..

    Jericho joins dark angel, alias, firefly and odyssey 5, by going to the tv trashcan in the sky which is a massive shame!